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[Based on: ECKANKAR: Compiled Writings, Volume I, Copyright 1975 by Gail T. Gross, Chapter: THE INVISIBLE REALM OF SPIRIT, pp. 25-31. - Compiled from Introduction to Eckankar, by Paul Twitchell, Copyright 1966.]


   The invisible realm of Spirit is a vast world lying beyond what the human race calls the earth planet and which apparently has not been examined by either the scientists or politicians for material glory.
   It is a magnificent series of spiritual universes where the Tuza (Soul) goes following the disposal of its earthly body in that phenomenon called death, and where so many persons travel in their light body from the earth plane.
   The invisible realm has many names. The Greeks called it the Elysian Fields, or the Isles of the Blessed, Happy Isles, Fortunate Isles, or the Garden of Hesperides; the Scandinavians gave it the name of Valhalla and Asgard; the American Indians knew it as the Happy Hunting Grounds, and the Hebrews called it Canaan, or the Promised Land. The Buddhists all know it as Nirvana, and the Christians have named it Paradise or Heaven. Other religions have various names for this afterworld where all disembodied entities live.
   Rudyard Kipling wrote a story of a boy who had a glimpse of this Far Country. Occasionally he would see the vision as he progressed into manhood. He yearned to enter that heavenly abode, but had no way except through death. When dying from a wound received in battle during World War I, he sees a vision of this invisible world and knows at last he is ready to enter. The short story is called "The Far Country."
   Those who have had a glimpse of this strange realm of God are always unhappy with their existence on this earth planet. Unless they learn the art of Soul travel, these  people become extremely restless. Some will commit suicide in hopes of reaching it, but this defeats their purpose.
   Tom Lea, the American author, wrote a novel called "The Wonderful Country," which was a story of a range rider who restlessly searched the Southwest on his magnificent black stallion for that world which exists but is never found because few persons ever find out about ECKANKAR, or what we know as out-of-the-body projection, until after they have left the physical body permanently.
   Many persons have a knowledge of the Invisible Realms of Spirit, although they are neither fortunate enough to witness it in visions nor can they travel through the esoteric planes in the light body like those who have the knowledge and ability to leave their bodies by controlled projection.
   Those explorers of the other worlds - Kabir, Guru Nanak, Saint Paul, Christ, Zoroaster, Buddha, Tulsi Das, Samus-i-Tabriz and others too many to name here - have been pioneers of the Far Country. They have left a living saga which we must study and admire for their adventerous spirit.
   These great ones have given us a philosophy to live by, but much of it has been misused and often employed for individual gain instead of the universal cause of mankind.
   One of the bolder spirits who constantly explore the realms of God is Rebazar Tarzs, a Tibetan lama, living in the wildest region of the Himalayas near the Afghanistan and Kashmir borders where they are joined by the Hindu Kush range.
   The real contribution of those like Rebazar Tarzs has been the description of these mystic lands beyond the physical worlds, and which have matched many of my own explorations.
   The scientist looks at the heavens from an objective point of view and makes use of the canopy of air for the purpose of helping mankind, but the mystics start from the interior vision, or with the spiritual eye.
   The scientists say there are five layers in the atmosphere, lying upward and that we are like the primitive savage standing on the shores of an ocean wondering how far the water stretches beyond the setting sun.
   They call these regions or layers the troposphere, tropopause, stratosphere, ionosphere and the unknown. The mystics call them the Astral, Brahm Lok, Daswan Dwar, Maha Sunna, Sach Khand, and beyond these are other planes called Alakh Lok, Agam Lok, and Anami Lok.
   The Vedantists call these planes the Astral, Mental, Wisdom, Bliss and God-plane.
   The difference being the objective side of these planes are seen by the physical scientists, and the subjective by the mystics. Of course, the mystics can come and go at will in their spiritual body in and through any plane they so desire.
   According to the spiritual travelers, the first plane is called the Astral, known as the Anda, the lowest of the heavens. It lies nearest to the physical world and is known to the scientists as the troposphere. The lower part of this world is the gross material or earth planet and its fellow worlds. Coarse matter dominates all but a few minds and souls.
   This region embraces all the suns and planets known or unknown to astronomy. It extends out into space, a fact which is not part of the knowledge of scientists, far beyond the reach of any telescope. The mystics, or spiritual travelers, a name which I have given to those who can leave the physical body at will and travel through these invisible realms, come and go in this region to help those who live in this world.
   The capital of this world is at the top of the Astral region. It is called Sahasra Dal Kanwal, which means the thousand petalled lotus, the center of the occult part of man that all yogis strive to reach for spiritual attainment.
   According to the spiritual travelers, the overlord of this world, in the spiritual hierarchy of the invisible realms is Jot Niranjan. He is the center of the power commonly called the thousand petalled lotus, the greater cluster of lights which is the series of illumination that the traveler views when approaching the higher astral planes. This is the actual powerhouse of the physical universe and what the scientists have been striving to understand. They have come to the duality of the atom turning from its spiritual refinement together with the coarser side to make up matter experienced by the physical scientists.
   Out of this powerhouse flows the power which has created and now sustains all the worlds in the universe. These lights are all shades and tints, but made up of the basic spectrum colors. These flow off as streams or rays through the lower universes, and each has some different aspect to help with the physical life on this planet.
   The astral region is the negative pole of the whole spiritual universe. Life is so long here that many believe they have reached immortality. However, this world is often wiped out after several million years, followed by an equal period of darkness, then a new creation is started.
   The second region is called the tropopause by the scientists. They think of it as being a no-man's land lying above the first region, but the travelers call it Brahmanda, which means the egg of Brahm, and referred to by the name of its overlord, Brahm. Many worship this deity as the supreme being of all creation.
   This world is the second grand division, the top of the three lower worlds, the physical, lower and upper astral world.
   This is the region of the spiritual-material world because spirit dominates it. This is the region of the universal mind, whose power is called AUM. Hence, it is the lowest part of this region called the Home of the Universal Mind. It is from here that all individual minds are derived and return when they are discarded during the upward flight of spirit.
   The Spiritual Traveler takes you on, for he alone is the guide, in your first trip through the inner worlds. He knows the path and is the recognized agent of God. All lords, rulers and peoples on every plane pay homage to him. When you arrive at the gate of this region, the sound of AUM is heard continuously like a great drum. The seeds of your karma are burned and destroyed here. The color is that of a beautiful setting sun.
   Above this region is another part of the same world where you find deserts, mountains and gardens. Flowers are arranged in artistic designs everywhere. You are intoxicated with joy as you wander through splendid regions of canals and streams before coming to a wide stream over which you cross by bridge to the other side of where there are three mountain peaks called Mer, Sumer and Kailash.
   This is the stepping off place for the spiritualists and many mystics. The yogis believe that this is their heaven. The miracles of the mind are performed from this plane, e.g., you can stop trains, fill dry wells, and heal the sick.
   This world is extremely vast, despite what the scientists think, when compared with the physical universe or the astral world. There are six planes within this plane, and its chief city is on a plane called Mer Kailash.
   This is the world of Brahm whose chief duty is to create, maintain and destroy the universe below it. It is the center of creation of the material and astral worlds. Many of the great scriptures have sprung from this region, including the Vedas, Christianity, and many others. Lord Krishna and many other spiritual leaders make their homes here.
   The travelers call the third region Daswan Dwar. This region is filled with brilliant lights. Soul bathes itself in the lake of Mansarover, known to most in the old Bible as the River Jordan, where, when one is dipped in it, he is relieved of all aberrations and maya. It joins Souls, known as Hansas, who live on this plane, purified and free of all Its bodies; physical, astral, causal and mental.
   Soul light here is equal to the light and radiance of a dozen physical suns together, and the happiness and bliss experienced by it at this stage is beyond words. But while here, Soul is capable of performing grand miracles, e.g., giving sight to the blind, often raising the dead, and has the ability to travel through the ether in his physical body. Here man beholds himself as pure spirit stripped of all materiality.
   This is the land of the Hansas who are known on the physical plane as the Paramahansas. Very few Souls go beyond this realm, because they feel that this is the heaven that they have all searched for during their lives on Earth.
   The travelers call the fourth plane the land of Sohang, through whom God power flows. He is the mystical lord of this world and lives in a city of great light called Arhirit. When Soul reaches here it is filled with majestic beauty and grandeur, and it says to itself, "I am That!" At this moment of sublime realization, you know that you are one with All, an essential part of God. This is why the Vedantists call this the Bliss Plane!
   The color of the plane is blue, for it is often spoken of as the House of Truth, and that world of true miracles from which all things can happen. But woe to him who misuses this power.
   After crossing a zone of deep, dense darkness, one comes to another world, the fifth plane called the Sach Khand. Here dwells the Sat Nam, or true name, the first manisfestation of God in the worlds below the Supreme regions. His brilliance is so great that one hair on his body would radiate a light equal to that of a million suns combined.
   This is the true home of Soul. It is the grand headquarters of all creation and the region of immortality. It is changeless, perfect and deathless. It is called the God world by the Hindus. It is untouched by dissolution or reconstruction, a world of the saints and where they live.
   The fifth region is the starting place where the Soul can rise upward into the great worlds of pure spirit. The citizens are pure spirit, in such countless numbers that no man could estimate, and there is a joy so wonderous that we on this earth plane cannot conceive of it.
   When Soul comes to face the Lord of this region, It says, "I am He!" Once he becomes self-realized, Soul understands that Love is the only bond that holds all the worlds together. Only the spiritual travelers can reach this region and travel into the next worlds above.
   All the divine power flowing from the upper regions come into perfect manifestation for the first time in the Lord of this world. He is the actual complete personification of the Supreme One, and so fathomless and impersonal we cannot approach Him even in thought. He sits between the infinite light and the created universes, and so in time, when purged of every imperfection, we approach Him as the Father and receive a gracious welcome.
   Beyond this plane is the Alakh Lok plane, and then the Agam Lok. Finally after a succession of many planes, Soul reaches the end of its journey, the region of the nameless One, or the SUGMAD, the supreme lord of all that exists.
   No words can describe IT and no thought can embrace IT. IT is formless, all embracing. IT is the impersonal, infinite ocean of love. From IT flows all life and spirtuality, all truth, all reality. IT is all wisdom and love and power. All visible lords of the regions below are ITS manifestations. IT takes forms, many forms, in order that ITS purpose might be carried out in all creations. They are all ITS forms; none of them express ITS totality. IT may take millions of shapes, but IT ITSELF remains formless, impersonal, all pervading. IT is universal spirit, universal life.
   When Soul reaches here it is so absorbed in its joy, lost in its splendor, that It at once realizes the futility of even attempting to explain.

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