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"Lineage is almost meaningless and irrelevant except that it brings to attention the precious way Guru's and maybe more so - their disciples - value it when it suits them, and it shows how naive and pompous their thinking can be." - Patrick Wilson


   The mythical dimension is that 'other place' where the pantheons of gods, angels, powers reside for endless time. It is the place from which this place, this reality which we experience as the world, originally received its substance & structure. At least, this is the view presented to us by every religious or spiritual scripture in history & substantiated by those mystics who from time to time have claimed to have entered for a moment the eternity of that dimension. [....] 

[Based on: Kabbalah, An Introduction and Illumination for the World Today. (Original Copyright 1973), by Charles Ponce, Second Quest edition, 1980, p. 232]

   Besides quoting Max Muller I shall give a few extracts from writers on the subject whom science calls authorities.
   Kant and Schiller both assert that "A myth does not represent debasement, or a sinking down from original perfection, not a victory of sensuality over reason, but on the contrary, it manifests the advancement of a man from a state of comparative rudeness to freedom and civilization."
   I am not in accord with these ideas because common reasoning tells me the case should be reversed. Fully ninety-nine percent of the myths are traceable to legends. Legends are history orally handed down. History is a record of facts, so that myths instead of "manifesting advancement" manifest a retrogression; for they show that history, a part of civilization, is being forgotten. Therefore that civilization has declined.

 [Based on: Col. James Churchward, Sacred Symbols Of Mu, p. 24-25]

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