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1994 - Strombolian Activity / Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala - February 5th, 1994: "Pacaya continues to erupt on a regular basis. Between late afternoon on 5 February and sunrise on 6 February, Stephen O'Meara photographed and videotaped various stages of moderate eruptive activity from a vantage point about 4 km SSW of the summit (about half-way between the villages of Los Pocitos and El Caracol). Strombolian activity had increased markedly since he visited the volcano in November 1993.  [....]"

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcanoes/region14/guatemal/pacaya/var_02.htm]

1994 - Where's Gail Now? An Update via Charly Wallace -

I recently had a phone conversation with Charly Wallace (you may remember him from the Sedona/Helen Frye lawsuit with Eckankar) who recently had lunch with Gail (Twitchell).

He informs me that she married a very rich Swiss man who recently died and left his vast estate to her. Apparently she has a number of residences, including Palm Springs--where they had lunch.

She does not consider herself an Eckist.

She apparently sold her vitamin company to her sister in San Diego (it is now operating under a different name).

She admits to having been a vital force behind the creation of Eckankar. She even went to Paducah, Kentucky to "purge" many of Paul's family documents relating to his early life.

Charly claims to have gone to Kentucky and spoke with Paul's nephew, who confirms that almost everything Twitchell said about his early life was a lie.

Charly also states that Kay Dee did indeed study in Paris - but not Paris, France - but Paris, Kentucky (somebody on the internet should follow up on this).

Charly also informed me of his long conversations with Dr. Bluth, former President of Eckankar, about Gail's role in Eckankar and how she wanted Paul to make some money on his study of religion.

Charly also went into some detail about Darwin Gross and his activities prior to becoming the Eck Master.

I will invite Charly in the future to post his material on the newsgroup. Ed Pecen, Twitchell's personal bodyguard and confidante, is still alive (in his seventies, I am told).

http://members.tripod.com/%7Edlane5/charlyeck.html - [has pop-ups]

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - July 29th, 1994 - Being Enveloped by the Light


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 39]. 

*Trivia: "Graham [Graham Forsyth] came to Eckankar in 1994. He did so because of an inner experience that he had with his then master, Sant Ji, who introduced him to Sri Harold Klemp, and, in a gesture, handed him over. It was not Graham's intention or desire to join Eckankar, but his inner communications from Sant Ji clearly indicated that it should be his next spiritual step. Graham remained a chela [in spite of a temporary resignation in 1999?] under the guidance of Harold Klemp for more than seven years. During this time, he compiled the most extensive journal of inner experiences I [Ford Johnson] have ever read. This body of work compares in every respect to Paul's [Paul Twitchell's] experiences in The Tiger's Fang." [Based on: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 38] 

*Trivia: "Perhaps some background on Graham would be of interest here. Graham [Graham Forsyth] was born, raised, and has lived his entire life in the small town of Keighley, in West Yorkshire, England. [....] After joining the Mother Church of Spiritualism, Graham participated in a development circle where he soon demonstrated the ability to make contact with entities in the astral dimension and to channel their input. [....] After marriage and the birth of his first child, Graham studied the path of Krishna, but soon was swayed by the writings of Julian Johnson, a member of the Radhasoami Satsang Beas and author of The Path of the Masters. [....]
   "Before that, his inquires into Sant Mat led him to Maharaj Charan Singh Ji. [....]
   "When his master, Charan Singh, died, Graham sought a new master. Eventually through the inner influence of Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, the former spiritual master of Paul Twitchell, Graham was directed to Sant Ajaib Singh Ji (Sant Ji), the successor of Kirpal Singh. Graham's inner journeys with Sant Ji were filled with experiences on all the inner planes, and eventually led to the God-Realization experience itself." [Based on: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 36-38] 

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - August 7th, 1994 - Meeting Wah Z and the History of ECK Masters


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 39-40]. 

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 3rd, 1994 - Further Meetings with Gopal Das and Studying the Shariyat


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 40]. 

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 8th, 1994 - My Encounter with SUGMAD and ITS Communication to Me

This experience took place on October 5th, 1994, but I was reluctant to write it down, because of what it implied. Now I feel I have no choice but to put it down, as I've felt uncomfortable for not doing so. [....]


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 40-42]. 

1994 - Ashfalls and Lava Flows / Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala - October 12th, 1994: "Activity increased at 0400 on 12 October with vigorous Strombolian explosions. Approximately 5 cm of ash was deposited in El Patrocinio, ~4 km W (figure 12). Ash drifted as far as Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, ~45 km WSW on the Pacific lowlands. Although apparently declining on 14 October, Strombolian activity was continuing, an ash plume to 300 m above the vent persisted, and tremor was still being detected by the seismometer at Pacaya. As of 14 October, five lava flows active on MacKenney cone had reached the base of the edifice, two on the N, two on the W, and one on the S flank. Flow velocities were reported to be 10 m/hour. Heavy rains and cloud cover since the start of the increased activity have prevented detailed observations. The Comite Nacional de Emergencias (CONE) evacuated 142 people from the towns of El Patrocinio, El Caracol (3 km SW), and other nearby areas, to San Vincente de Pacaya (5 km NW).

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcanoes/region14/guatemal/pacaya/var_02.htm]

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 25th, 1994 - Removing the Ball of Fear


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 42]. 

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - November 13th, 1994 - Stepping into the Light (Accepting the ECK)


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 42-43]. 

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - November 25th, 1994 - A Visit To The Sun Worlds With Rebazar Tarz


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 43-44]. 

1994 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - December 12th, 1994 - On Being Tested by Peddar Zaskq and Receiving the Golden Crown


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 44-45]. 


1995 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - January 6th, 1995 - Discussions with Wah Z about ECKANKAR and My Mission


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 45]. 

1995 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - January 16th, 1995 - Being Accepted Into the Vairagi Order


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 45-46]. 

1995 - Pluto / Sagittarius - January 18th, 1995: Pluto at 0 degrees Scorpio; April 21st, R.; November 11th, D.

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/1900/ae_1995.pdf

1995 - Volcanic Eruption / Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala - June 1st, 1995: "Pacaya erupted between 0630 and 0700 on 1 June, sending up a 6-km-high plume. Hot ash burned vegetation and damaged radio-antenna equipment near the summit. A thin layer of ash extended a few kilometers from the vent, with ashfall reported 2.5 km N in San Francisco de Sales and 3.5 km W in El Patrocinio (figure 15). A plume visible at 0715 on GOES-8 satellite images was moving SE at ~19 km/hr, prompting a NOAA Volcano Hazard Alert at 1000. Analysis based on comparison of wind shear data and observed translation of the plume suggested that the plume rose to ~9 km altitude. Eddie Sanchez noted that venting ash destroyed the 1984 spatter cone (Bulletin v. 10, no. 3), called 'El Hornito,' located roughly midway between the N caldera rim (Cerro Chino) and the previously active MacKenney cone (figure 16). In place of El Hornito was a small crater venting lava, a substantial amount of which flowed S. [....] Otoniel Matias reported that on 10 June a small newly constructed spatter cone had collapsed. A news report described two strong explosions in the early afternoon and a thick column of smoke. Matias said that on 14 June more lava erupted, but compared to earlier phases there was less airborne ash and venting gases, and the plume reached only 150-200 m above the crater floor. In accord with this observation, SAB failed to image a plume at 0845 on 14 June; they estimate that a plume must have a height of >3,000 m for them to detect it. Matias went on to say that the 14 June eruption continued vigorously for two hours without pause. Lava continued to escape as of 16 June, and one or more lava flows had moved S for a distance of ~600 m. [....]

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcanoes/region14/guatemal/pacaya/var_02.htm]

1995 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - July 21st, 1995 - Beginning the Work of Spreading the Light of GOD


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 46]. 

1995 - Last Eckankar Discourse? - "[....] There are 17 EK discourses and the last one (The Master's 4) was printed in 1995. That's Fourteen Years Ago! [....]"

[Based on: E.S.A. post (EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Klemp insults the culture of India in his "Master Compiler" spin) by prometheus 02/22/09]


1996 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - March 28th, 1996 - On Meeting the Spiritual Counsel (Nine Silent Ones) and Being Tested


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 47]. 

1996 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - September 19th, 1996 - Accepting My Experiences and Role as a Master of the Bourchakoum.


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 47-48]. 

1996 - Volcanic Activity / Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala - October 10th, 1996: "Pacaya erupted more forcefully than usual beginning late on 10 October. Based on an INSIVUMEH report, between about 2300 on 10 October and 0200 on 11 October Pacaya produced a moderate Strombolian eruption with sustained fountaining of incandescent materials up to 500 m high. [....]

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcanoes/region14/guatemal/pacaya/var_02.htm]

1996 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 22nd, 1996 - On The Prospect of Receiving the Rod OF ECK Power (Meeting with Masters)


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 48-49]. 

1996 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - November 4th, 1996 - Meeting With Master Yaubl Sacabi on Being a Living Temple Of Truth


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 49-50]. 

1996 - Forgeries? / Kirpal Singh - 1996: "Singh was guilty of trying to hold Paul in psychic bondage. Records that claimed to show that Paul was a member of Singh's ashram were further declared to be forgeries, as were papers with Paul's supposed signature. No more did Paul want to get threatening mail or suffer other harassments." Page 21, The Eck Satsang Discourses, 4th series, Harold Klemp 1996."

*Link: http://dlane5.tripod.com/dec10.html


1997 - Trivia / P.T. & Scientology - January 1997: "It was fun to read the latest Mystic World by Harji concerning Sudar Singh (more on that specific issue in a later post) and Scientology. But it is a bit disengaging to say that Paul Twitchell was never really a scientologist. I am looking right now at a copy of the ACADEMY OF SCIENTOLOGY wherein it states how this academy will train you to be a scientologist. It then lists the trainers for this academy. In this brochure, which is dated from the 50s, it prominently lists Mary Sue Hubbard, Rosina Mann, and guess who? Paul Twitchell. Paul Twitchell is listed as the Counselor for the Academy and part of the staff to make you a scientologist. Nice try Harji, but no brain burger for the whitewash." [- David Lane?]

*Link: http://dlane5.tripod.com/janeck8.html


1998 - Quote / ECK Summer Festival - June 27th, 1998:

And this is what the path of ECK is all about. Walking the path to God. Even more, it's about walking your path to God. Because your path is not my path. And my path is not yours. But that's OK. Because when God made you, he made a unique being. You are Soul. You are Soul. That's the identity behind your name. Behind your physical form. Behind the cummingness of your face. You are made in God's image! And it's an image of Divine love. But remember, you are made in God's image. So is your neighbor. And so am I. And so the respect that you would give to the one you most love. And when I say the one you most love, it can be a person, animal, place or thing. Whoever you give the most love to, if you can have that same love for yourself. Then you are recognizing yourself as this holy, divine light of God, that you are. That's what the path of ECK is about. - ECK Summer Festival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saturday, June 27, 1998


Harold Klemp, How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, pp. 164–65

1998 - Ascended Master? / Babaji? - July 7th, 1998: "[....] On July 7, 1998 Babaji announced that He recently completed His Ascension and is now an Ascended Master. 2  [....]" (2. Babaji, July 7, 1998 The Temple of The Presence , Copyright 1998 The Temple of The Presence )

[Based on: http://www.ascension-research.org/babaji.html]

1998 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - August 14th, 1998 - On First Meeting the Nine Silent Ones

On the 12th and 13th, while sitting in contemplation, a group of strange looking people came to me within.


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 50]. 

1998 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - September 4th, 1998 - Seeing the Cosmic Breath of GOD


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 50-51].

1998 - A Cosmic Sea of Words - Copyright 1998: A Cosmic Sea of Words, The ECKANKAR Lexicon, by Harold Klemp.


1999 - Founded? / E.S.A. - February 9th, 1999:


1999 - SoulForum - March 23rd, 1999: Founded.


1999 - Founded / HU-Chat - June 8th, 1999: Yahoo Group HU-Chat (new site (092614) says April 14th, 2000)


1999 - Founded / Eckankartruth - June 20th, 1999:

*Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankartruth/

1999 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - September 15th, 1999 - The Role I Am to Play in ECK


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 51]. 

1999 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - November 20th, 1999 - On Traveling With Wah Z To A Temple and Resolving Inner Doubts


... I said that unless I started to see both sides of the path working in my life, then I would go no further, that, unless I had the belief in what I was doing, I could no longer go along with it. [....]


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 51-52]. 

1999 - Eckankar Resignation? / Graham Forsyth - November 1999: "One of the more curious parts in Graham's journal (not included in this book) was a letter of resignation from Eckankar written in November of 1999. [....]
   "Graham determined to resign because he felt that the teaching [Eckankar] was too restrictive. Yet, after a brief hiatus in his inner journeys, he soon had experiences that challenged him to accept the mission. As his journal subsequently reveals, he changed his mind on leaving Eckankar altogether and continued his training and preparation for what he believed to be his mission [replacing the current spiritual leader of Eckankar?]." [See: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 61] 

1999 - Trivia / Eckankar Membership? - 1990s: "By the late 1990s there were 367 ECK centres worldwide, of which 164 were in the United States. Estimates placed total membership at 50,000."

[Based on: http://www.religionfacts.com/a-z-religion-index/eckankar.htm] - [T.D. 02/12/07]

1999 - Michael Turner / Internet Discourses - Roy Seeber, 3/5/2005, The Mahanta Paradigm ---And--- Response From HCS

Back in 1999 when I first considered getting seriously involved with Eckankar, I went to the Internet and did some serious browsing on Eckankar. I found David Lane's site and The Making of a Spiritual Movement and came to discover that several former Eckists had left Eckankar to form their own splinter groups. One of these was Michael Turner who was offering free internet discourses via email to which I subscribed. [....]



2000 - Neville Plagiarisms - "The following are examples of plagiarism that Paul Twitchell has taken from Neville's book "The Power of Awareness" copyright 1952, and placed in his book "The Key to Eckankar " copyright 1968 without credit to the original author. The examples quote first a passage from "The Power of Awareness", followed by the plagiarized example from the forty three page book "The Key to Eckankar" which incidentally, is no longer available fromEckankar.

"All the examples are claimed by Twitchell to be the words of Rebazar Tarz speaking to him. [... .]"

[Based on: Chuck Stockdale a.r.e. thread: NEW TWITCHELL PLAGIARISM IN 'KEY TO ECKANKAR', Oct 27 2000, 5:39 am]



2000 - The Rosetta Stone of God - Copyright 2000: The Rosetta Stone of God, by James Davis. Edited by Joan Klemp, Anthony Moore, and Mary Carroll Moore.

2000 - Dialogue in the Age of Criticism - Copyright 2000: Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, by Doug Marman.  

*Trivia: "This book [Dialogue in the Age of Criticism] has been a long journey. It began with the criticisms of David Lane and the many fascinating spiritual lessons to be learned from those challenges. This led to deeper insights into the spiritual path, and eventually to the changes and conflicts that we face in our society and civilization.
   "It has been a journey of viewpoints, interpretations and states of consciousness, as the spiritual path always is. I think it has shown some glimpses into the amazing thing we call this movement of ECKANKAR, both inwardly and outwardly.
   "It has brought out some new information on Paul [Paul Twitchell], the founder of this movement, and the meaning and purpose that dialogue can play in discovering truth. It also explains some of the significant differences between the ECK teachings and those of Sant Mat, while at the same time showing the inner connections that tie them together, along with many other spiritual teachings.
   "This book has evolved through the discussions and responses of many people who have been drawn to this dialogue, and I hope I have represented their ideas faithfully.
   "However, I realize that this book largely shows my own perspectives. Each person will tell the story differently. Different insights. Different lessons.
   "I see no line separating spiritual seekers of truth. Whatever name they might call themselves - Buddhist, Christian, Sufi or ECKist - they are to me all brothers and sisters on The Path. The only difference is in how we each see ourselves, which shapes our thinking and goals.
   "For this reason I hope the words on these pages will have a meaning for many others. I hope that something can be drawn from these chapters that might help the path of whoever might read them. And I hope they read it all as poetry.
   "I have been blessed in many ways by the care and guidance of some very great teachers. More than anything I hope my appreciation for them can be seen and felt in these writings. It is in their honor that I dedicate this book." [Doug Marman, Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Conclusion, Chap. 12]  


2001 - Rod of Power / Duane Heppner - "[....] Very few knew that Paul Twitchell handed me The Rod of Power in 2001, with Harold and an unconscious Joan standing in the background and watching. Harold decided to go with his attitude about Joan and her relationship with The Three Headed God instead of listening to The RealGuidance. [....]"


*Trivia: "[....] BOOK TWO...The present day life for Duane and his training up to 2001, when Paul Twitchell gave Duane 'The Rod of Power' for the first time. Rebazar Tarzs once again takes Duane far past The Gods of Man into The TruHeart of The ALL IS. It took Duane 30 years to step into his first attempt at a position most of this world knows nothing about. Then Rebazar, with all The Real Universal Guides and his friends Kathy and Beverly present put Duane into 'The RealLight of The IS' for the second time in 2007. [....]"

*Link: http://www.thereturnofthereal.us/ - T.D. - 06/18/10

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - July 12th, 2001 - On Traveling to the Temple of ECK with Rebazar Tarzs


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 52]. 

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - August 8th, 2001 - (Afternoon sitting) - Why the Journal Must be Sent to Sri Harold Klemp


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 53]. 

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - August 11th, 2001 -

Taking the question to the SUGMAD in contemplation of whether ECKANKAR should remain calling itself a religion or not, I was given the following answer: "MY path is that of truth, the illuminated way as spoken of by Paul. ECKANKAR is not, was not, and never will be a religion. [....]"


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 53]. 

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - September 17th, 2001 - (Second morning sitting) - On Transference of the Rod of ECK Power


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 53-54]. 

*Trivia: September 17th [1971] was the date that Paul Twitchell, the modern day founder of ECKANKAR, translated [died]. [- D.R.D.]

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 3rd, 2001 - On Meeting Chungchok, Spokesperson for Nine Silent Ones


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 54-55]. 

2001 - E-Mail / From: Lisa Kyle To: Ford Johnson - October 5th, 2001:

Dear Ford,

I am greatly in need of your wisdom and advice. I am presuming on my contact with you over the years at various seminars and on stage in the UK to ask for your trust and help in light of a rather extraordinary situation.

Myself and a fellow H.I. [Higher Initiate], Mary Voaden, are in contact with an individual who is having the most profound inner experiences and initiations seemingly on the same levels and also those beyond those of Paul [Paul Twitchell] and Harold [Harold Klemp].


The nature of the experiences detailed in Graham's journals and from what he is sharing with us are not only profound with new slants and information on certain aspects of the Eck teachings but are also utterly extraordinary on a spiritual wisdom level and could have wide reaching ramifications for Eckankar.


... detailed descriptions of the Nine Silent Ones and a number of incredibly profound wisdom teachings from their named spokesperson (far from being cold and aloof these Beings are love itself); mention of an ancient Eck Master of the Sixteenth Initiation, who is rarely in embodiment and who works mostly within the Eck itself. This master is preparing Graham for his next step spiritually under the protection of the Nine Silent Ones. The latest writings contain information most delicate/sensitive in nature.

Graham has been told that his journal has to be placed in front of Sri Harold [the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar] sooner rather than later. Depending on what happens then, the next step will be made clear.

With love and blessings

Lisa Kyle

[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 27-28] 

*Trivia: "After speaking several times by phone with Mary [Mary Voaden] (a close friend of Graham and Lisa), and learning more about Graham, I [Ford Johnson] requested that she contact him and set up a telephone conversation between the two of us. Mary told me that she had known Graham for a number of years and became aware that he was having experiences in the inner worlds that far exeeded anything about which she had encountered or read. They became friends and she encouraged him on numerous occasions to continue with his work, sensing its potential importance. It was on the strength of her personal knowledge of Graham and her certainty of his integrity that she and Lisa [Lisa Klye] felt comfortable asking for my assistance in presenting the journal to Sri Harold Klemp. She then set the time for a telephone conversation.
   "Mary sent Graham's journal to me in two parts. The first consisted of spiritual experiences from 1994 through 2000. These were extraordinary enough, but not as sensitive in regard to Eckankar as the content of later materials from 2001. Mary sent me the first part of Graham's materials as a test to see if I could handle the more sensitive material. [....] They were accepted on the strength of the integrity of the individual writing them and on the assumption that no one would lie about experiences with God.
   "Later, Mary sent me the second part of Graham's journal. These were of a highly delicate nature because, if accepted by the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar [Harold Klemp], they would change the entire course and direstion of the teaching." [See: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 29-30] 
[Brackets data added for clarification - D.R.D.]

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 6th, 2001 - The Nine Silent Ones on Temples and other Concepts


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, pp. 55-57]. 

2001 - Journal Entry / Graham Forsyth - October 8, 2001 - The Rod of ECK Power and Mahanta (Explained)

   "Given while in contemplation. I had not asked any questions to start this off.

Paul Twitchell's sudden death was not untimely from the point of view of spirit. It was brought about on purpose to end the falsity of what he had started. Twitchell had the ability to lead, but he let himself get in the way. [....] Becoming unbalanced is a sign of not being able to cope with what is coming through, and that too much is coming through shows a lack of inner guidance and control from whoever is supposed to be the guide.
Anyone can open up to spirit but to do this in a proper way and unfold according to one's ability is best done under a true teacher. He himself knows what to give the seeker the exposure to and in what quantity so that a balance is always maintained. The truth that could have been behind ECKANKAR is ebbing away, many are aware of this already. One more myth can now go, there is no such thing as the Rod of ECK Power. As you have rightly said, all true Masters are ONE. This so-called Mahanta consciousness is just one more write up, woven into the ECKANKAR teachings by Twitchell.
Before you ask me, I know what your next question is going to be, and I have my answer here for you: you were given the experiences with the so-called Rod of ECK Power because it was written into the teachings. If we had laid all this on you from the start, your balance would have gone, hence, as true to spirituality under a true teacher, it was given a step at a time to unfold your ability to accept it all, for there is alot to have to accept.

   "After this experience, I asked who it was that was speaking to me, for I had no impression of any personality or name. Asking this, I was answered:

You need names and personalities after all this? Where is your oneness with all? That which is speaking to you is nothing more than your own true inner self, the ONE in ALL. Call it that still, inner voice of GOD, or a known Master, or one unknown, it is THE ALL in THE ONE, therefore all the same. Call this inner voice Xanxangme if you like, or Rebazar Tarzs, or Chungchok. Whatever name you give to it, it is still YOU when understood from the highest view. But I understand the need to explain this to others, so tell them:
I am the voice of the GOD that you are and the voice of the GOD all others shall be. Remember, whatever names or personalities used in teaching others to help them understand more easily the ways of spirit, the names and personalities should be understood to be THE ONE in ALL.

[Based on: Quoted Journal Extract, by Graham Forsyth, See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, p. 57-58]." 

2001 - Letter / From: Graham Forsyth To: Ford Johnson - October 21st, 2001:

“Dear Ford,

Firstly I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in regard to the experiences that I have gone through. There is nobody more aware of their implications and sensitivity then I and, may I say here, that it does not lay easy on my shoulders. There are things that have been given which would be a cause for much trouble if they were given out openly. It is not my intention to do this, it never was, yet I have been asked to place these experiences in front of Sri Harold. When M__ V____, and L___ K___ spoke very highly of you it seemed a good idea to approach you. At first I was cautious about what to give you, I honestly do not want to cause trouble for anyone, therefore, I was going to hold back on some of the sensitive revelations. That was until Mary lent me a video of you giving talks at Milton Keynes. Ford, I am not a man of words, or highly educated, so if what I say now sounds false or funny it is because of my inability to put into words that which I felt towards you. On seeing the video of you I was struck by your openness and the honesty in what you said. I know I was watching a soul who has the utmost commitment to what they were doing. So struck was I by you honesty that I realized that if I did not return the same honesty I would be doing you an injustice, and that I could not live with.” (Letter to Ford Johnson from Graham Forsyth, October 21, 2001)

[Based on: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/dispBB.asp?st=903&page=39#m892]

2001 - Letter / From: Ford Johnson To: Graham Forsyth - November 2nd, 2001: "I have read your experiences several times and I am quite comfortable with what I have read in terms of presenting them to HK [Harold Klemp]." [See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 31] 

2001 - Ford Johnson / English Tour - November 5th, 2001: "I [Ford Johnson] arrived in England on the morning of Monday, November 5th, 2001. [....]
   "Prior to coming to England, I had tried to arrange a meeting with Mary, Lisa, and Graham [Mary Voaden, Lisa Kyle, & Graham Forsyth] to discuss the content of his journal and our upcoming trip to Minnesota. The original plan was for just Graham and I to meet with Sri Harold Klemp [the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar]. But because of Mary's and Lisa's support of him over the years and perhaps also because of the novelty of flying (he had never even left Britain), Graham asked if they would accompany him, and they accepted." [See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 33-34] [For clarification, some brackets data added by - D.R.D.]

2001 - Letter / From: Ford Johnson To: Harold Klemp - November 7th, 2001:


   "On October 5, 2001, I received a rather extraordinary letter from an HI [Higher Initiate] in England asking for advice and assistance on a matter she regarded as needing to be brought to your attention as soon as possible."


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 32-33] 

2001 - Graham Forsyth's Journal / To: Harold Klemp - November 18th, 2001: "Graham's [Gram Forsyth's] journal [Excerpts from: In the Many hands of God] was transmitted to Sri Harold Klemp [the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar] on November 18, 2001." [See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 38-39] 

2001 - Response / Harold Klemp to Ford Johnson - November 21st, 2001:

Dear Ford,

   It causes me [Harold Klemp] pain to see a higher initiate of ECK fall for such an old trick of the Kal. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master arranges for the announcement of his successor. No one else.

   You are to stand aside from all ECK duties for six months. This includes service as an ECK Arahata, Initiator, ESA, and all other ECK offices.

   In the meantime, to regain a solid footing in the teachings of ECK, you would do well to make a study of The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One and Two. At the end of this six-month period of spiritual discipline, your future duties in ECK will receive a careful review.

   You will remain a higher initiate if you undertake this discipline.

[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 68] 

*Trivia: "Mary [Mary Voaden] and Lisa [Lisa Kyle] did not fare any better than I [Ford Johnson] did. Their discipline was similar to mine; their letters were virtually identical to mine." [Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 79] 

2001 - Response / Harold Klemp to Graham Forsyth - November 21st, 2001:

Dear Graham,

   In response to your letter and journal of inner experiences which led you to think you have received the Rod of ECK Power. You have not.

   Your instincts were right not to believe this. The Kal mislead you.

   This happens more often than one would care to believe. People who fall for this trick and mislead others off the the Path of ECK become responsible for the karma.

   As a spiritual discipline you are put back to the First Circle of initiation and are to stand aside from all ECK duties for the present.

   The experience you describe is a common test faced by Soul on Its journey back to God.

[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 78] 

2001 - Letter / Ford Johnson to Harold Klemp - November 30th, 2001:

Dear Sri Harold,


You assume here that I [Ford Johnson] have "fallen" for this Kal trick. I have fallen for nothing except my sense of duty that you [Harold Klemp] needed to see these materials [Journal excerpts from Graham Forsyth] and make your own judgement."


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 71-73] 

*Trivia: "Harold's assistant called me [Ford Johnson] the same day and indicated that I should proceed to the Nigerian Seminar and also complete the one in Chicago. After that, I should consider the discipline in effect." [See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 73] 

2001 - 2nd Letter / Ford Johnson to Harold Klemp - December 17th, 2001:

Dear Harold,


I will formally resign from all  outer positions as you have directed, which include the positions of Spiritual Services Coordinator in Washington, DC., Clergy for the second and fourth Sunday services each month, the Shariyat Ki Sugmad class that has been ongoing for more than a year, in addition to the numerous speaking engagements that had been planned for the coming year.


The only aspect of the situation that I feel most uncomfortable about is S's suggestion to me to simply say, when asked why I am stepping aside, that it is for "personal reasons." Such an answer would be disingenuous if not simply untrue. [....] Such an answer would imply that I am stepping aside voluntarily for reasons that I have determined out of my own free will. This would simply not be the truth and I would feel dishonest saying it.


[See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, pp. 75-77] 


2002 - Pluto 17 Sagittarius - February 1st, 2002: Pluto at 17 degrees Sagittarius; May 10th, R.; November 28th, D. ...

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/1900/ae_2002.pdf

2002 - Dedication / ECK Celebrations of Life Chapel, Minneapolis, MN - October 22nd, 2002: "The dedication of the ECK Celebrations of Life Chapel took place at 12:00 noon on October 22, 2002. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Campus/index10-22-02.html]


2003 - Pluto 19 / 57 Sagittarius - March 23rd, 2003: Pluto at 19 / 57 degrees Sagittarius, R.

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/2000/ae_2003.pdf

2003 - Ground Breaking / Eckankar Spiritual Center, MN - May 27th, 2003: "Ground breaking for the new Eckankar Spiritual Center took place at 10:25 a.m. on May 27. Construction workers began moving earth on May 29 at 9:00 a.m. Several days later, work began on paving the trail from the Temple of ECK to the ECK Celebrations of Life Chapel. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Campus/index06-02-03.html]

2003 - 974th "Living Spiritual Master"? / Michael Owens - June 3rd?, 2003: "[....] According to him [Michael Owens], he received the 'Rod of Eck Power' in the Valley of Timer, ousting Harold Klemp from this position and presumably taking control of Eckankar. Michael penned his own version of Book IV of the Shariyat Ki Sugmad replete with experiences with Eck masters, some formerly known and some new. [....]" [See link]

[Based on: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/michael_owens.asp] - [June 2005]
[Note: the exact day for this event is an approximation. Thus, the question mark.
- D.R.D.]

*Trivia: "Michael Owens’ experiences that led to his proclaiming himself the 974th Living Eck Master are much like those of Forsyth and Davis in the detail with which these 'masters' reinforce the Eckankar mythology. Indeed, Owens’ claim to mastership and spiritual pre-eminence reads much like Graham’s in his elevation to an exalted status as the superior spiritual being. Here is a quote from the Shariyat IV by Michael Owens (aka, Dan Rin)

There are five primary Masters that teach within this line of unfoldment. The first and greatest, and the head of all others within this hierarchy of love and unfoldment, is Milarepa. He is the one that guides [of] all others within this universe’s planes, for he does possess the greatest wisdom of all that may be known, except for Dan Rin.

[Based on: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/michael_owens.asp] - [June 2005]

*Trivia: "[....] As stated earlier, Michael had originally proclaimed himself the 974th Living Eck Master in the line of Variagi Masters. However, this elevation did not last very long. Michael soon received a letter from Eckankar’s attorneys to the effect that not withstanding his self-proclaimed elevation to the 'exalted' position of Mahanta, the Living Eck Master, the franchise is owned by Eckankar and Harold Klemp. No one else is allowed to claim descent from this line of 'Eck Masters.' Recognizing that he could not take over the throne from Harold, Michael apparently abandoned his claim to be the Living Eck Master in the line of Variagi Masters and did a side step, presumable ignoring his anointment from Sugmad and the order of Variagi masters to reemerge, this time, as the 'latest in the long line of ‘Bentels’, Living Spiritual Masters (not known by that name).' [....] [Based on: article by Ford Johnson (The Rise and Fall of the 974th Living Eck Master), past 3/4 down page @:


*Trivia: "[....] In 2003, the prediction came true. In the Valley of Tirmer, a place in the Far East where new Living Spiritual Masters are introduced, with the contention of opposing factions, Michael received the Rod of Power of the Light and Sound and the mantle of Sehaji, the Living Spiritual Master, and the spiritual name Dan Rin. He had been trained outside the view of his predecessor because the Detached Order wanted the next Spiritual Master not to be trained within the emerging orthodoxy that the Path had become. The entire Detached Order oversaw Michael's training. [....]"

Of Sri Michael, it has been said:

   And so now a new dawn is arisen within the hearts of man and for the growth and evolution and progression of the Light and Sound. And Sri Michael is the 974th Living Spiritual Master who has come to render this service to Sugmad and for the benefit of all souls who seek of realms above. Welcome to you, travelers of the light and sound, for within the warmth of his outstretched arms, and under the cloak of his protection, shall you find the truth and liberation that long have you sought and desired.

May the blessings be, and safe journeys on your path, for the truth above awaits you. Baraka Bashad.

[Based on: http://www.thewayoftruth.com/bios.htm]

2003 - "Confessions of a God Seeker" - July 14th, 2003: Author Ford Johnson questions the 'bedrock' of religious history with his new book, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness.

*Trivia: "[....] ... Confessions was available to the public and to many in California long before 2003. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/dispBB.asp#m1319]


   The authenticity of the line of Eck Masters is the doctrine underpinning the validitity of the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master. For if the Eck Masters are not real, if there is no line except the one that Paul created, then the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master, is an empty title. We are left with a position whose powers and responsibilities, relationship to the divine, and capacity to lead all souls back to God, is fabricated. The unpleasant truth is that, like the Wizard of Oz, the holy man of Eck must stand with his created history and his religion based on deceit, and answer the question of the faithful, Why?

[Based on: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, Copyright 2003, p. 138, 3rd paragraph]

2003 - Open Letter / Ford Johnson to Harold Klemp - July 15th, 2003: "Author Ford Johnson, sends an 'Open Letter' to Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar."

[Updated Link: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/FirstOpenLetter.aspx]

2003 - Pluto 17 / 14 Sagittarius - August 29th, 2003: Pluto at 17 / 14 degrees Sagittarius, D. ...

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/2000/ae_2003.pdf

2003 - Response to Confessions / James Davis - September 25th, 2003: "Rosetta Stone of God [Copyright 2000] author J. Davis Responds to Confessions [Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, by Ford Johnson, Copyright 2003]

From: James Davis

Being the author of a book on the Mahanta titled THE ROSETTA STONE OF GOD, I would like to add my voice to those who have chosen to leave Eckankar. I quietly left Eckankar several years ago, having come to many of the same conclusions Ford arrived at in his own book. At the time I left, I wrote a letter to Harold saying I would make no announcements about my leaving. But I have since learned that it is a very "open secret" that I left - not through any acts of my own, but from various Eckists in who work at the main office, and a few others. So I now feel it is appropriate to say a few words about my leaving, and about Ford's book. [....]  

[Based on: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/]  



Realizing that the Mahanta construct was fabricated but legitimized through verbal trickery and indoctrination, James Davis, author of a book about the Mahanta, The Rosetta Stone of God, disavowed his own book and the Mahanta concept. Davis independently reached his decision, based on his own inner and outer experiences. They confirmed what the author of Confessions, Ford Johnson, and thousands of others have come to realize: Spirit is the non-exclusive power of God and works in the lives of everyone. But, when a single “man” claims he is the exclusive channel for that force in the universe, indeed, God itself, both he and those who follow him are deluded. The Mahanta is a false [and fabricated] paradigm. It works only because of the “power of belief.” But belief in a false paradigm ultimately limits the spiritual unfoldment of that person until it is replaced with an awareness of God-soul that lies within each person. This is the real source of love, guidance and protection.

[Based on: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/openletter2.asp]
[Updated Link:

2003 - Space Weather Advisory - October 21st, 2003: "A space weather advisory went out on October 21, 2003: 'Intense active regions emerge on the sun.' In the next two weeks the sudden sunspot activity spawned more major flares and Earth-bound CMEs [coronal mass ejections] than had been seen all year. Airliners took more southerly routes, a small power blackout hit Sweden, and dozens of satellites suffered problems. The biggest Earth-directed salvo came on the 28th: a flare nearing the top of the record charts, followed by a CME moving five times faster than normal. But the CME, with a northward magnetic field , proved relatively minor. Then, just as the sunspots were rotating away from the Earth, a parting shot: the largest flare ever recorded. Fortunately, it and the CME that followed only brushed our planet. Storms just after the solar max (the most recent ended in 2001) aren't uncommon. Still, the episode amazed scientists. Among the satellites hurt in the October outbursts was Mars Odyssey. The red-planet orbiter lost an instrument that, ironically, had just finished measuring the radiation levels that a crewed mission to Mars would face. As solar physicist Pal Brekke cautions, 'If humans want to leave the magnetosphere, we've got to understand space weather.' " [Based on: N.G.M., July 2004, pp. 26-27]

2003 - ECK Worldwide Seminar / "Year of the Shariyat" - October 24th, 2003:

2003 - Fourth Largest Solar Flare - October 28th, 2003: "The fourth largest solar flare on record fires from the sun." [Based on: N.G.M., July 2004, p. 27]

*Trivia: "Astronomers warned Tuesday [10/28/03]  that a massive solar flare could cause power outages and spectacular northern lights shows from about noon today [10/29/03] into Thursday [10/30/03]. Or not. [....] Beyond its larger size, the latest flare is different in that it occured in the center of the sun's disc as seen from earth, sending a blast of material, called a coronal mass ejection, directly toward our planet, said Leonard Strachan, an astrophysicist at the center. The gust of electrically charged gas is traveling at 1,000 miles per second. [....] Geomagnetic storms can also destroy satellites and electronic equipment and short out power grids. A 1989 solar flare smaller than the latest one triggered a massive blackout in Quebec." [Based on article by Faye Flam, Knight Ridder Newspapers]

2003 - Solar Flares & CMEs - November 2nd-3rd, 2003: "The sun fired at least three more salvos of highly charged particles toward earth Sunday [11/02/03] and Monday [11/03/03], and scientists said more explosions from the sun's surface were likely. The latest solar eruptions brought to six the number of flares noted since last Wednesday, one of the most turbulent periods in solar observation since 1940." [Based on: News Services, St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

*Trivia: "Often flares and CMEs [coronal mass ejections] occur together, as was the case last October [2003] when the fourth most powerful flare ever observed [10/28/03] exploded. Back-to-back CMEs then smacked the planet. Thanks to modern detection equiptment, we had enough warning to take preventive action. The atmosphere was so electrically charged that the northern lights were seen as far south as the Mediterranean, but little damage was done." [Based on: N.G.M., July 2004, p. 15] 

2003 - Most Powerful Solar Flare - November 4th, 2003: "The most powerful solar flare on record blasts from the sun." [Based on: N.G.M., July 2004, p. 27]

*Trivia: "Giant sunspot 486 unleashed yet another powerful solar flare today (Nov. 4th, 1950 UT), and this one could be historic. The blast saturated X-ray detectors onboard GOES satellites at X17.4 for 11 minutes. The last time such a thing happened in 2001 the flare was classified as an X20 - the biggest ever. This one might be even bigger; stay tuned for updates."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/index.cgi] - [Note: view archives (upper right corner) for 11/04/03]
[Other links: http://spaceweather.com/solarflares/topflares.html]

2003 - Chanhassen Newspaper / Eckankar - 2003: "Chanhassen Newspaper Scratches the Surface on Eckankar Fraud - Source: Chanhassen Villager"

*Link: http://truthabouteckankar.blogspot.com/2007/06/chanhassen-newspaper-scratches-surface.html


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