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1972 - Pluto / Libra - April 17th, 1972: Pluto at 0 degrees Libra, R. ; July 31st, D. ...

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/1900/ae_1972.pdf

1972 - CSA / Roy Eugene Davis - 1972: "Roy Eugene Davis (born 9 March 1931) is an American spiritual teacher and author who 'established the Georgia-based Center for Spiritual Awareness in 1972'.[1] Previously he had founded New Life World Wide Inc. In 1967 he began publishing Truth Journal Magazine which has now been in continuous publication for 44 years.[2] By 1970 he had authored nine books.[3][4] Mr. Davis has continued to teach in the Kriya Yoga tradition for more than 60 years.[5] [...] In the early 1970s Edwin O'Neal of the Christian Spiritual Alliance invited Mr. Davis to head the organizations teaching ministry and they named this outreach 'Center for Spiritual Awareness'. In 1972 Mr. Davis moved from Florida to Lakemont, Georgia to develop the ministry and retreat facilities of Center for Spiritual Awareness. In 1976 Mr. Davis was elected chairman of CSA after Mr. O'Neal retired.[....]"

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Eugene_Davis]

1972 - "Moved Onshore" / L. Ron Hubbard - May 28th, 1972: "The crew of the Scientology Flagship Apollo are told that L. Ron Hubbard has 'moved onshore.' His 'bodyguard' purportedly is Green Beret Paul Preston. [NOTE: From this date until his reported death in 1986, L. Ron Hubbard never makes another public appearance. His whereabout generally are unknown except to a few close people, who later claim that while with them he had been either 'in hiding' or 'on the run' or ill the entire time, including donning various disguises.][85][62]"

[Based on: ttp://www.sc-i-r-s-ology.pair.com/rvtimeline/index.html] - [T.D. 09/13/08] 

1972 - Kirpal Singh / London, England? - September 17th, 1972: SPIRITUALITY - What it is X - A PEEP INSIDE: "Other deities preside over other planes, in the ascending order of the system of creation. All of them, of course, derive their authority from Sat-purush or Sat Naam, or Dayal or Ekankar, the highest Region."

[Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/swii/swii-X.htm]


1972 - Married / Darwin Gross & Gail Twitchell - October 27th, 1972: Reportedly married this date in history: Darwin Gross and Gail A. Twitchell.

1972 - The ECK-Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy - Copyright 1972: The ECK-Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy, by Paul Twitchell [Died: 1971]. Copyright 1972 [First Printing] by Gail Twitchell. Sixth Printing: 1982.


1973 - Darwin Gross / The Mahanta?, the Living ECK Master? - "... by the end of 1973 and early 1974 Darwin [Darwin Gross] was being introduced as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, at all the major seminars, and in the ECK publications. [....]" [See: Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Chap. 12]   

*Trivia: "[....] I've often wondered how differently things might have gone if Darwin had heeded Paul's warning, in his Illuminated Way Letter of January 1971:

     The next MAHANTA is about fifteen years away. He is now in training but where he is nobody knows and won't know for a long time yet. Meanwhile, I am serving as the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master, until the time comes to appoint an ECK Master who may serve in the interim until the next MAHANTA is appointed. So those who make claims to the spiritual title are being boastful and exceeding the very characteristics of any of the ECK Masters. The Masters of ECKANKAR are not at all forward in temperament but quiet, almost shy in nature and frankly very brusque in speech and manner.

[....]" [Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Chap. 12]   

1973 - ECKANKAR Dictionary - Copyright 1973: ECKANKAR Dictionary, by Paul Twitchell [Died: 1971]. 6th Printing: 1986.

1973 - Letters to Gail, Volume I - Copyright 1973 [2nd Printing - February?]: Letters to Gail, Volume I, by Paul Twitchell [Died: 1971]. 5th Printing: 1983.


1974 - Unity of Man Conference / Kirpal Singh - February 3-6, 1974:

He [Kirpal Singh] convened the first World Conference on Unity of Man, which took place in Delhi from 3 to 6 February 1974 (see also His talk "The Remodeling of our Destiny" delivered at the Inaugural Session here [4]). Religious, political, and social leaders from all over India, and delegates from approximately 18 countries participated in the conference. This World Conference was the beginning of the Unity of Man movement (see also last circular letter "On the Unity of Man" issued on May 15, 1974 here [5] or here [6]). As a result of the conference Sant Kirpal Singh was invited by the government to address to the Indian Parliament. When he spoke to the members of the Lok Sabha on 1 August 1974, it was the first time that a spiritual leader was given that honour.

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirpal_Singh]

1974 - Died / Tom Flamma - February 20th, 1974: "Hi Etznab, I did finally find one of my several Eckankar boxes full of old stuff, and I found Flamma's date of death published in an old Mystic World. The article is by Patti Simson. Just as I'd suspected, he died years before the publication date of his book, on February 20, 1974. The publication date of the Mystic World is March/April, 1974, Vol VI, No. 2. In the same issue there is an article announcing Patti's eighth initiation. Ah, the irony. Flamma was the first to jump through the eighth hoop. Anyway, I hope that helps with your compilation of historical information. - Tianyue [A.R.E. post, Nov. 22nd, 7:29 p.m.]


1974 - Died / Kirpal Singh - August 21st, 1974: "Sant Kirpal Singh (6 February 1894–21 August 1974) was a Guru who was born in Sayyad Kasran, a part of the Punjab which now belongs to Pakistan. [....]"

*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirpal_Singh

1974 - The Talons Of Time - Copyright 1974: The Talons Of Time, by Paul Twitchell [Died:1971]. 3rd Printing: 1987.


1975 - The Strange World of Brad Steiger - May 1975: [....] Paul also gets a chapter in "The Strange World of Brad Steiger" published in May, 1975. [....]

*Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankartruth/message/7380

*Reference Link: http://tinyurl.com/78uhd58

1975 - ECKANKAR: ILLUMINATED WAY LETTERS 1966-1971 - ECKANKAR: ILLUMINATED WAY LETTERS 1966-1971, by Paul Twitchell (Copyright 1975 by Gail Twitchell Gross)

1975 - ECKANKAR, Compiled Writings, Vol. 1 - ECKANKAR, Compiled Writings, Vol. 1, by Paul Twitchell (Copyright 1975 by Gail T. Gross)


1976 - Eckankar Add / Understanding Magazine - January/February 1976: [....] Paul Twitchell reintroduced the science of Soul Travel in 1965 by means of books, tapes and lectures. In 1971 he translated (died) and the Rod of ECK Power was passed on to his successor Darwin Gross, the present leader of the ECKANKAR international movement. He is known as the "Living ECK Master" and the "MAHANTA." Darji, as he is called by ECKists, is said to have the ability to be with all his students in the spiritual body at all times, offering them guidance and protection on all planes. [....] [T.D. - 04/14/10]

*Link: http://danielfry.com/?854

1976 - Sant Thakar Singh - 1976: "[...] Initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh in 1965, he began work as a Satguru himself in 1976, following the passing of his beloved Master [Kirpal Singh - 6 February 1894–21 August 1974]. Sant Thakar Singh distributed what he paraphrased from his own Master as, 'a practical form of spirituality which is not connected to any particular religion, sect, or thought.' [....]"

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sant_Thakar_Singh]

1976 - Paul Twitchell / Thetan? - [....] After I [Doug Marman] first posted this chapter to the Internet, I ran across a quote that fits too perfectly to be left out. It comes from a 1976 ECK World News interview with Dick Braun, a friend and associate of Paul’s from 1959-1961. Dick told some fascinating stories about Paul’s psychic abilities, which he saw for himself in those days. Dick also said:

I was constantly after him [Paul] as to how old he was. And he said he was not really of this particular world.

And I said, “Well, what do you mean – world? Now we have to define ‘world’. And how old are you?”

He said he was 23,000 years old. And he was a Thetan. And he said that he had come from outside of our solar system, but in the physical universe. [....]

[Based on: http://www.littleknownpubs.com/Dialog_Ch._One.htm]

1976 - CSA Chairman / Roy Eugene Davis - 1976: "Roy Eugene Davis (born 9 March 1931) is an American spiritual teacher and author who 'established the Georgia-based Center for Spiritual Awareness in 1972'.[1] Previously he had founded New Life World Wide Inc. In 1967 he began publishing Truth Journal Magazine which has now been in continuous publication for 44 years.[2] By 1970 he had authored nine books.[3][4] Mr. Davis has continued to teach in the Kriya Yoga tradition for more than 60 years.[5] [...] In the early 1970s Edwin O'Neal of the Christian Spiritual Alliance invited Mr. Davis to head the organizations teaching ministry and they named this outreach 'Center for Spiritual Awareness'. In 1972 Mr. Davis moved from Florida to Lakemont, Georgia to develop the ministry and retreat facilities of Center for Spiritual Awareness. In 1976 Mr. Davis was elected chairman of CSA after Mr. O'Neal retired.[....]"

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Eugene_Davis]

1976 - Darwin Gross / The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master - At Seattle Worldwide in 1976, Sri Darwin Gross was introduced onstage as "The Mahanta, The Living Eck Master". [Based on: A.R.E. post (Was Darwin Gross a Mahanta) by Michael Turner, 11/22/08]



1977 - Term Paper / California State University, Northridge - "3. In the Spring of 1977 I [David Lane] took a class on religious cults and sects at California State University, Northridge, where I was majoring in religious studies. One of the requirements was to write a term paper on a new religious movement. I chose Eckankar as my topic of study, since they were (at that time) heavily advertising on campus. [....] "6. As the semester was coming to an end, I had to present my findings to my Professor. He was duly impressed, as was Jim Peebles (an Eckankar member at the time and my classmate), who was also writing a paper and who later left the group (he also got sued, by the way, the next year by Eckankar). 7. I was pretty naive, so I sent a copy of the report to Eckankar. Subsequently, I received a letter from one of their attorneys (Nichols), who threatened to sue me if I ever published my study."

[Based on: http://www.beyond-the-illusion.com/files/Occult/Misc/eckankar.txt]

*Links: http://www.geocities.com/eckcult/lane_live/lanes_resp.html


1977 - Letter / Alan Nichols to David Lane - "Sensing the damage that the publication of David Lane's research would have on Eckankar, its lawyer, Alan Nichols, attempted to refute the charge that Paul [Paul Twitchell] had plagiarized the works of Julian Johnson. He wrote in a letter to Lane in 1977:

With a wide background of study you will find many similarities both approximate and exact in many religious statements, history and mythology. [....] How did you know Johnson didn't obtain his information from Twitchell or Rebazar Tarzs [sic] or some other common source? Don't be suprised that many people find the same truths and even in the same words, commandments, etc., whether they are concepts, stories of events, or levels of God Worlds or consciousness."

[See: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 124] 

*Reference Link: http://webspace.webring.com/people/de/eckcult/chapters/tmsma4.html

1977 - Died / Paul Iverlet - Reportedly died this year [November 16th?] in history: 2nd husband to Kay-Dee [Paul Twitchell's sister], Paul Iverlet. [See link: ]

*Trivia: [....] ... by the time David [David Lane] spoke on the phone with Iverlet, in October, 1977, David didn’t realize that Iverlet was dying of cancer, and in fact passed away one month later. All this information came out later. [....]."

[Based on: http://www.littleknownpubs.com/Dialog_Ch._One.htm]

1977 - Letters to Gail, Volume II - Copyright 1977: Letters to Gail, Volume II, by Paul Twitchell [d.1971]. 4th Printing: 1986.

*Note: No mention of Rebazar Tarzs in this volume?


1978 - Manuscript Finished / "The Making of a Spiritual Movement" - Spring 1978: "13. In the Spring of 1978 I [David Lane] finally finished the manuscript, which was originally called "The Making of a Cult"---but was later switched on the advice of Neil Tessler to "The Making of a Spiritual Movement." I turned in for my class credit; it was about 160+ pages, I believe."

[Based on: http://www.beyond-the-illusion.com/files/Occult/Misc/eckankar.txt]

1978 - Term Paper Sent to ECKANKAR / David Lane - 1978:


  "Let's review again the story David has told us so far. First, he paints a picture that it all started when he first sent his term paper to ECKANKAR, in 1978. The fact that ECKANKAR threatened to sue him if he published his work, was proof to David that ECKANKAR was trying to cover up the information he had written about.


   "Second, according to David, ECKANKAR filed a lawsuit to stop the distribution of a term paper by Jim Peebles. Even though this took place a year later, in 1979, David saw this as a lawsuit to cover up information. Even worse, David implies this lawsuit was ECKANKAR's attempt to take legal action against David's sources.


   "In fact, it wasn't David's term paper in 1978 that ever caused much of a problem with ECKANKAR. Few ECKists even saw it or heard about it. It was the propaganda campaign launched by the well-funded SCP [Spiritual Counterfeits Project] that painted ECKANKAR as the works of the devil, seriously distorted the ECK teachings, and distributed thousands of copies of their journal across the United States to ECK Centers and Christian churches. That was why Darwin ran his ads in newspapers around the country claiming that ECKANKAR was being attacked by certain Christian groups.

[....]"  [Based on: http://www.littleknownpubs.com/DialogPreface.htm]

*Trivia: "14. At that time the Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkeley contacted me [David Lane] via Jim Peebles (who was clearly upset with Eckankar); they wanted to utilize my research. I agreed, but wrote a letter to them clearly stating that I did not agree with their slanted approach. All of them at the time were highly professional and their journal still stands as one of the best pieces ever done on a cult >from a biased Christian perspective."

[Based on: http://www.beyond-the-illusion.com/files/Occult/Misc/eckankar.txt]

1978 - Divorce Announcement / Darwin Gross - "In early 1978, Darwin sent a personal letter to every Eck chela in the world informing them that he and Gail were getting divorced.  A couple of years later, Darwin got remarried, but it lasted only a few months and he got the marriage annulled." [Based on: David Lane]

*Trivia: "[....] Darwin Gross was revealed as the new "Living Eck Master" in Las Vegas, when Gail Atkinson Twitchell, Paul's widow, walked over to Darwin and presented him with a blue carnation. Shortly thereafter, to the bewilderment of a number of Eckists, Gail and Darwin were married. However, their marriage was short-lived. In early 1978, Darwin sent a personal letter to a every Eck chela in the world informing them that he and Gail were getting divorced. A couple of years later, Darwin got remarried, but it lasted only a few months and he got the marriage annulled. The ramifications of Darwin's divorce, remarriage, and annulment on the membership in Eckankar in the 1970's is difficult to ascertain. Yet, it can be presumed by the continued growth of Eckankar in the United States that its ultimate impact, like Darwin and Gail's marriage, was nominal. [NP] Gail Atkinson, according to the personal letter sent to all Eckists, is still a member of Eckankar and will continue to support the activities of the Eck Master and the group. [....]"

[Based on: http://webspace.webring.com/people/de/eckcult/chapters/tmsm4.html]

1978 - Informally Circulated Manuscript / "The Making of a Spiritual Movement" - Summer 1978: "15. That summer (1978) I was asked by Professor Mark Juergensmeyer (who was at Berkeley at that time, but who is now a Professor of Sociology at U.C. Santa Barbara) to be his research assistant in India for a book he was doing on the Radhasoamis. During that trip in the summer, my manuscript was circulated informally by a number of Eckists. Eventually one Eckist in Oregon got a hold of it and xeroxed hundreds of copies of it. I got a flood of mail--also because of my address being printed in SCP."

[Based on: http://www.beyond-the-illusion.com/files/Occult/Misc/eckankar.txt]

1978 - Trivia / Gail Twitchell? - Fall, 1978: "[....] Concerning the two issues you raise: 1) Gail Atkinson claiming that Eckankar is a fraud (I was quoting Ann Arnold, who had a conversation with Gail in the Fall of 1978 about Eckankar over a dinner. Gail, I should add, was dating Ann's father at the time. Ann and I had been friends since high school. Gail told Ann it was a fraud and that she no longer believed in it. Please keep in mind that Ann came personally to me with the quote and her boyfriend, John Hall, confirmed the same) and 2) Eckankar was started for economic reasons. All you have to do is write Gail yourself and then read how Eckankar was started as a money making organization. I didn't start it that way; Twitchell did, only later to switch it for tax reasons. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.beyond-the-illusion.com/files/Occult/Misc/eckankar.txt]
[Other links: http://members.tripod.com/%7Edlane5/charlyeck.html] - [has pop-ups]


*Trivia: "[....] There is another problem with what David says here. David makes a public statement about Gail's opinion of ECKANKAR based on a third hand comment that she apparently made in private. If Gail wanted to make such a public statement, she should be allowed to do so on her own, or at least with her permission. David, and others, have certainly invited her to do so numerous times. She has publicly remained silent on the matter. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.littleknownpubs.com/Dialog_Ch_Ten.htm]

1978 - Pluto 17 Libra - October 21st, 1978: Pluto at 17 degrees Libra

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/1900/ae_1978.pdf

1978 - EAST OF DANGER - "Copyright 1978: EAST OF DANGER, by Paul Twitchell. Copyright 1978 by Gail Twitchell Gross."


1979 - Pluto 17 Libra - May 11th, 1979: Pluto at 17 degrees Libra, R.; August 12th, D. ...

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/1900/ae_1979.pdf

1979 - Trivia / Religious Controversy - May 30th, 1979:

   There is a great religious controversy in this country. It has come at a time when we all cherish most our own unique ways of thinking and living. This has come from the shocking realization that there are groups trying to influence individuals against their own wishes or knowledge. Those groups apparently feel that everyone should live and believe, feel and pray the same way they do.

   But did you know that some of the religions have taken this time to attack those who simply try to live their lives the best they know? They distribute materials slanted against others who do not control anyone and who do not condemn any other person or religion. There are Christian institutions such as a Lutheran organization, a Baptist college and a Christian-supported attack group who have circulated printed materials of a false and damning nature about those who simply choose to believe differently than they... [Los Angeles Times, 05/30/79]

[Based on: http://www.littleknownpubs.com/DialogPreface.htm]

1979 - Pearls of Wisdom / Babaji? - June 17th, 1979: "[....] 'I demand that you take the Violet Flame if you desire to continue to have Our Sponsorship in the many varied activities and schools following the Masters of India. The Violet Flame is Our Coming, and We are One with the Violet Flame Masters. . . . ' Beloved Babaji through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 17, 1979, Malibu, California U.S.A. 1" (1. Babaji, June 17, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom , Volume 30, Number 51 (The Summit Lighthouse 1987) Copyright 1997 Church Universal and Triumphant )

[Based on: http://www.ascension-research.org/babaji.html] - [T.D. - 12/13/08]

1979 - Mystic World Publication - August 1979: "Here is an excerpt of what was published in The Mystic World, a publication that goes out to all ECKists. It was written by Bernadine Burlin, from the ECKANKAR International Office, dated August 1979, which was about the same time the SCP Journal was first published:

Dear Fellow ECKists,

There have been groups and individuals actively distributing misinformation about the ECKANKAR teachings. With this in mind, we wish to provide you with the following information...

Religious organizations through their publications, have published a widely-promoted and distorted view of ECKANKAR, with subliminal techniques that are dangerous to the spiritual insights of readers and participants. These materials are presented to seekers as honest and objective. Actually they are intended to manipulate the reader into predetermined conclusions...

Most of the attacks are inquisitorial and personal. Directly, or by strong implication and innuendo, they seek to besmirch the reputation of Paul with accusations of plagiarism, obfuscation and dishonesty, and of Darwin with claims against his legitimacy as the Living ECK Master and Mahanta, and of others on personal bases connected with ECKANKAR. Prominent will be the claim that many of Paul's writings prior to his advent as the Living ECK Master and Mahanta are found in other works or written by other people...

As surprising as it may sound, such attacks will often be in the name of the Lord, or scholarship, or open-mindedness...These attacks will concentrate on the lower realms of experience rather than on the truths of ECKANKAR. They will be defamatory more than philosophical.

They will not, of course, and cannot deny the verity of personal spiritual experience as an ECKist and the truth that lies within each of us! In that light there is nothing to defend and nothing to prove.

   "Does this sound like ECKANKAR was trying to cover something up, or does it sound as if it was letting ECKists know about these publications that were negative toward ECKANKAR? Isn't it also clear that the SCP Journal is most prominently referred to in this article?"

[Based on: http://www.littleknownpubs.com/DialogPreface.htm]

*Trivia: "[....] It turned out, in fact, that it was Jim [Jim Peebles] who introduced David [David Lane] to the SCP [Spiritual Counterfeits Project].
   "David admitted that the issues of the lawsuit were mainly over statements in Jim's paper that claimed Darwin had fathered an illegitimate child and Eckankar had skirted tax laws. Jim had no evidence to back up either of these statements, according to David.
   "Clearly such statements would be considered defamatory, which was the basis for the suit. This is probably why Jim agreed to settle the matter out of court, and why he also agreed to pay legal expenses for all the parties.
   "Yet David actually said at one point that Jim was 'completely innocent' and that what Jim wrote was 'pro-ECKANKAR.' Whether or not Jim's term paper was intended to be positive when he wrote it, by the time the SCP Journal was published, over two years later, Jim was clearly working to help those who were attacking ECKANKAR. [....]" [Based on: Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Chap. 11]   

1979 - No Plagarism? / The Far Country - December 27th, 1979: "[....] Darwin Gross issued a worldwide memo on December 27, 1979 which states that there was NO plagiarism in Paul Twitchell's THE FAR COUNTY. Saying instead that it was dictated to Paul by Rebazar. In addition, the memo states that 'the book claimed to be plagiarized by Paul was not copyrighted.' [....]"

[Based on: http://vclass.mtsac.edu:930/phil/kirpaltheory.htm]

*Trivia: [July 21st, 2001 a.r.e. post]


Sri Darwin Gross has asked that all ECKANKAR Centers be alerted for the Spiritual Counterfeits Projects of the Christian Coalition in Berkeley, California, is sending copies of their SCP-Journal on ECKANKAR to ECK Centers.

From unauthorized use of The Mystic World, the SCP obtained the ECK Center addresses.

Sri Darwin was not allowed to edit the SCP-Journal publication as he had been promised by the Spiritual Counterfeit group, and it does not tell the straight story. The SCP material, taken from a college thesis submitted by David Lane, was not completely researched and is untrue.

As David says, B.B. goes on to say that there is no plagiarism in The Far Country and the book that was claimed to be plagiarized was not copyrighted.

I will agree with David that both of these statements are not true, however I don't see why David concludes that these were intentional lies. This, as usual, is the problem with David's claims. They contain some element of truth, but he refuses to stick to only what he knows. He insists on assuming that he knows the intent and motivations of others. [...] No doubt, within days of sending out this memo, both Darwin and B.B. must have been told that the books were indeed copyrighted. And no doubt this explains why they never made such a statement again.

This isn't proof or even an indication that Darwin and B.B. were trying to cover-up the fact that Johnson's books were copyrighted. What it shows is that Darwin and B.B. didn't take the time to verify this point before shooting off this memo. Perhaps it wasn't that important to them, but it shows their ignorance of the matter, not their intent to cover up the truth. [....]"


1979 - Gail Anderson & Alan Niclols? -



1980 - Plans to Step Aside / Darwin Gross - March 1980: "[....] A year earlier, the first week of March 1980, my predecessor as the spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, Darwin Gross, had paid me [Harold Klemp] a visit in the camera department at the ECKANKAR Office in Menlo Park, California. The office had moved to California in 1975. [....] Amid neatly ordered trays of developer, stop bath, and fix, boxes of film and camera equipment all around us, Gross told of his plans to step aside as the Living ECK Master. Would I accept the position as his successor? [....]" [Based on: Soul Travelers Of The Far Country, by Harold Klemp, copyright 1987, pp. 129-130]

1980 - Died / Dorothy Bluth - March (?), 1980


1980 - Earthquake / Mt. St. Helens - March, 27th, 1980: "[....] Seven days after the initial earthquake, March 27, 1980, a loud boom was widely heard by many residents of Southwest Washington and aerial observers noted a dark dense column of volcanic ash rising through the clouds, eventually reaching a height of 6,000 feet above the volcano. [NP] During the 30 years since the catastrophic volcanic eruption of May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens continues to challenge and inspire scientists to understand the causes and nature of volcanic eruptions. [....]" [Based on: USGS article (Mount St. Helens Reawakens: The Thirtieth Anniversary), 03/18/10]

*Link: http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=2422&from=rss_home

1980 - Letter Excerpt / Dr. Louis Bluth - June 19th, 1980: "Excerpted from a letter by Dr. Louis Bluth, former President of Eckankar, one-time follower of Sawan Singh, and Paul Twitchell's personal doctor when the Eck leader died in 1971:

Date: June 19, 1980

   My wife and I opened the first Eck class in Sun City, Cal. I personally treated Paul [Paul Twitchell] many times and was the main speaker in Cincinnati when he passed away. Paul was a sincere student in the beginning and I considered him honest. Problems between him and his wife Gail led him to believe she was going to leave him and he desperately wanted to keep her. So when she demanded more money and better living, he started to write things and copy from other books. He [Paul Twitchell] borrowed my books on Radha Soami and copied a large share from them. I helped him write the Herb book and went to Riverside University and took Sanskrit, so basically much of the material is good because it is copied. I confronted him [Paul Twitchell] with what he had done and his answer was "since the author of the book said it better than I could I copied it." The trouble is that he never gave anyone credit as to where he got it.
   As far as Darwin (Gross) is concerned, my opinion is that he is a fake as a Master. I don't think that a Master would divorce his wife and seek many other female companions.

                                                                                                                                 Signed: Louis Bluth,  MD.

[Based on: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankarhistory/message/1434]

1980 - Died / Louis Bluth - November 1st, 1980


1980 - The Wind of Change - Copyright 1980: The Wind of Change, by Harold Klemp. Fourth Printing: 1987.

*Trivia: "[....] Right in the middle of the maelstrom surrounding the final stages of training for ECK Mastership came the publishing of my first book, The Wind of Change. It had been almost two years in the writing, and every possible obstacle that one could imagine had come up to prevent its publication. But now it was finally printed." [Based on: Soul Travelers Of The Far Country, by Harold Klemp, copyright 1987, pp. 135-136]

1980 - The ECK-YNARI, The Secret Knowledge of Dreams - Copyright 1980

1980 - ECKANKAR PRESENTS - LETTERS TO A CHELA - Copyright 1980 version (Authored by Paul Twitchell). Second Edition 1987.

1980 - Difficulties Of Becoming The Living ECK Master - "Difficulties Of Becoming The Living ECK Master and "The Last Words of Sri Paul Twitchell in Cincinnati" - Presented by ECKANKAR - Compiled by Bernadine Burlin from tapes donated by Patti Simpson and Anya Foos-Graber. Additional articles from The Mystic World by Sri Paul Twitchell plus "Some Chela Letters to Paulji" Copyright 1980 by ECKANKAR. ISBN: 0-914766-63-5 Library of Congress Cat. Card # 80-69588 [Based on: p. ii of the book: Difficulties Of Becoming The Living ECK Master]


1981 - 8th (Outer) Initiation / Harold Klemp - January 27th, 1981: "The Creative Arts Festival in mid-June came and went without further word from the Living ECK Master about having lunch with my wife and me. But at the seminar on June 14, 1980, Dap Ren did give me the Eighth Initiation on the inner planes. [....] Seven and a half months later, on January 27, 1981, I got the outer initiation in San Francisco."

[Based on: Soul Travelers Of The Far Country, by Harold Klemp, copyright 1987, p. 140]

1981 - 9th (Inner) Initiation / Harold Klemp - July 22, 1981: "The Ninth Initiation came on July 22, 1981. Initiations in ECK beyond the Eighth are given on the inner planes. Very few initiates ever go further into the God Worlds than the Eighth Plane. It is a difficult road to follow. [....]"

[Based on: Soul Travelers Of The Far Country, by Harold Klemp, copyright 1987, pp. 186-187]

1981 - 2nd Meeting / Darwin Gross & Harold Klemp - September 16th, 1981: See: Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, by Harold Klemp, pp 408-409 (copyright 2000)

1981 - President of Eckankar / Darwin Gross? - October 1st, 1981: [....]

Employment Agreement

Agreement made this 1st day of October 1981 between ECKANKAR, a non-profit corporation. . . (hereinafter referred to as "the employer") and DARWIN GROSS (hereinafter referred to as "the employee").

1. TERM OF EMPLOYMENT. The employer hereby employs the employee and the employee hereby accepts employment with the employer for a period beginning July 1, 1981 and terminating on the resignation of employee. . .

2. DUTIES OF EMPLOYEE. The employee shall serve as President of the employer. He shall do and perform all services, acts or things necessary or advisable to manage and conduct the business of the employer, subject always to the policies set by the Board of Directors and act as chief executive officer.


[Based on: http://webspace.webring.com/people/de/eckcult/chapters/tmsm9.html]

1981 - Harold Klemp / The 973rd Living ECK Master - October, 1981: "Sri Harold Klemp became the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master in 1981."

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/glossary.html]

*Employment Agreement: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/scanindexsubtitleAcss.aspx?SubtitleNo=22

*Trivia: ""I do not claim I am God, or something like this. It's impossible for any human being to become God. It's almost ridiculous to think of it..." [Harold Klemp "How the Inner Master Works" pg.242]


The Role of the Living ECK Master

   What is the role of the Living ECK Master? Not to walk the path for you; not to be the intermediary between you and God. It's your path; you must walk it.
   If you want a guide, if you want to ask for help, it's there. The Living ECK Master is empowered to work with you on the physical plane, but he also has the power to work on the inner planes. He works with you through the dream state as well as directly through the expansion of consciousness, which is sometimes known as Soul Travel.
   It's up to you to find out the truth of this for yourself. The spiritual path is an individual undertaking. ECK begins to work very subtly after a while. I don't endorse the idea of the individual becoming a puppet of somebody who manipulates him by some inner strings. There's no reason for that. We look to make our own direction.

[Based on: How to Find God, MAHANTA TRANSCRIPTS, BOOK 2 (talks from 1982-1983), Harold Klemp, Copyright 1988, pp. 44-45]


   Harold's dizzying ascension from proofreader to Living Eck Master constitutes another intriguing story in the line of the three Eckankar masters. In 1981, the transfer of the Rod of Eck Power took place as Harold Klemp became the 973rd (More accurately, the third) Living Eck Master. Harold was not named the Mahanta at that time as it was Darwin's intention to retain the Mahanta portion of the title. Then too, Paul had messed this up with a story line that a Mahanta would not follow him for quite some time. Both Darwin and eventually Harold disagreed with this and came up with their own story lines to demonstrate that they were "the real deal."
   Darwin thought that, though he had relinquished the role of Living Eck Master, he would retain control of the organization and continue wearing the mantle of Mahanta. [....]

[Based on: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, copyright 2003, p. 227] 

1981 - Confessions / Baba Faqir Chand - "Baba Faqir Chand excited this world in 1981, having left behind the confessions of a true God-seeker, who had discovered the truth and was honest enough to cast aside the sacred veils of mastership. He revealed truths that few if any master would admit even to themselves. He stands alone among Radhasoami masters, if not masters in general, for his honesty and candor. With miracles exploding around him and followers proclaming his divinity, he stepped back and dismissed the glorification. Instead, he told the truth of truths, that we alone perform the miracles. We do the work of the masters, while they take the credit." [Based on: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 275]

1981 - Hello Friend, A Journey In ECK - Copyright 1981, by Patti Simpson. Revised Edition: 1984. Third Printing: 1985. 

1981 - Metaphysics, A Bridge To ECKANKAR - Copyright 1981 (IWP Publishing), by Thomas Flamma


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