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[Based on: Dialogues with the Master, by Paul Twitchell, Copyright 1970, Eighth Printing - 1983, Chapter Sixteen: The Cosmic Worlds, pp. 97-106. - Dialogues with the Master was reportedly written about 1956.]


   Rebazar Tarzs came late tonight and started right away with his discourse. He seemed to be eager to talk and told me to get seated at the table at once and take a pencil. He paced the floor while talking.
   "Let me begin at this point. Those ECK Masters who were explorers of the cosmic worlds have been pioneers for mankind to reach the inner heights. They have left legends which we adore and worship. These greater ones give us philosophies to study and live by, but much has been perverted and used for individual gain instead of for the universal cause of mankind.
   "Their real contribution has been the descriptions of those mystic lands beyond the physical world. What lies on the other side of this earth plane? How many worlds are there? Where do they lie and how much does the physical scientist know about them?
   "The scientists look at the heavens from an objective eye and make use of the canopy of air for the purpose of helping mankind in this world. But the mystics start from the inside and travel through the same planes looking at each with a spiritual eye.
   "The scientists say there are five layers in the atmosphere, lying upward, and that we are like the primitive savage who stands on the shores of an ocean and wonders how far the water stretches beyond the setting sun.
   "They call these regions or layers the troposphere, tropopause, stratosphere, ionosphere, and the unknown. The mystics call them the Astral, Brahmanda, Daswan Dwar, Maha Sunna and Sach Khand: beyond these are other planes called Alakh Lok, Alaya Lok, and Agam Lok.
   "The Vedantists call these planes the Astral, Mental, Wisdom, Bliss and God-Plane.
   "The difference being, the objective side of these planes is seen only by the physical scientists, and the subjective by the mystics. And of course, the mystics can come and go at will in their spiritual bodies to any place they desire.
   "Let us begin with the study of the comparison of these planes as seen by the materialist and spiritual philosophers.
   "First comes the troposphere plane, in which we live as the physical world, and which is about five miles thick at the poles and about ten miles thick at the Equator. It is a region of rapid changes in weather and turbulence - a layer of storms here and calm there - and of polar cold and tropical heat; a layer in which the temperature falls steadily about one degree Fahrenheit for every 300 feet until a low of 67 degrees Fahrenheit is reached. Eighty percent of the air by weight is packed into the troposphere.
   "The mystics call this the Astral plane, and it is known as the Anda, the lowest of the heavens, and it lies nearest to the physical world. The lower part of this world is the gross material or the earth planet  and its fellow-worlds. Course matter dominates all but a few minds and Souls. This region embraces all the suns and planets known or unknown to astronomy. It extends out into space (without the knowledge of the scientists) far beyond the reach of any telescope. The Masters return to this region again and again to help mankind, who live in the darkness of a negative world.
   "The capital of this world is at the top of the Astral region (which is sometimes called Turiya Pad) and named Sahasra dal Kanwal, which means the thousand-petalled lotus, the center which all Yogis strive to reach for spiritual attainment.
   "The ruler of this region is Jot Niranjan, the negative power that creates matter in the lower worlds. He is in the center of the power commonly called the thousand-petalled lotus, the great cluster of lights which is the great light that the mystic views when approaching the higher astral planes. This is the actual power house of the physical universe, and what the scientists have been seeking to understand. They have come to the duality of the atom, turning from its spiritual refinement to gather with the coarser ones to make up the matter experienced by the physical scientists.
   "Out of this power house flows the power which has been created and now sustains all the worlds in the universe. Those lights are of all shades and tints, but basically made up of the seven shades of black, red, green, orange, blue, yellow and white. These flow off into streams of rays throughout the universes, and each has its different aspects to help with the physical life on the planets. For example, green is the individualizing ray which shows the growth of the being in man's aura, as the rays touch each aura in every living thing throughout the worlds.
   "Black is the pure color of the darker or negative side while white is opposite. Red is the color of human love; orange the ray of life (called Prana by the Hindus); blue the intellectual ray from which all great thinkers and creative artists receive their inspiration; and yellow the spiritual ray.
   "Note the colors worn by any individual. They express somewhat the dominating astral rays in his aura.
   "The great astral city lies just below a shining mountain. It is called the City of Light. Here dwell many of the earth's most renowned people, of all ages in history.
   "This is the home of Jot Niranjan who lives in a great castle in the shining mountain where I once took you on an inner journey. The sound here is the bell and conch.
   "The astral region is the negative pole of the whole spiritual universe. Life is so long here that many of its inhabitants believe they have reached immortality. All work at some creative occupation.
   "This world is often wiped out after several million years, followed by a period of equal darkness; then a new creation is started.
   "Now for the second region. The scientists think of this as being a no-man's land lying above the first region, and call it the tropopause. According to the physical eye this region is a thick layer in which the temperature ceases to fall with increasing altitude. It lies many miles above the earth, and has not yet been too well explored by the material scientists.
   "The second region is known as Brahmanda which means the egg of Brahmand and refers to the name of its Lord, Brahman. This deity is supposed to be the Supreme Being of all creation by the Yogis. This is the highest world known to practically all faiths, including Christianity.
   "If any Yogi or other claims to be a Master, that Brahman is the highest of all creators, and this is the supreme heaven, then he is not a Master. He is only a humble seeker under the Supreme Ruler of this plane.
   "This world is the Second Grand Division, the top of the three lower worlds (physical, lower and upper Astral).
   "This is the region of the spiritual-material world, because spirit dominates it. This is the region of the universal mind, whose power is called AUM. Hence the word Omkar, the power of this plane, which is still the negative force. The lower part of this region is called the Home of the Universal Mind. It is from here that all individual minds are derived and to that region all minds must return when they are discarded during the upward flight of spirit.
   "The traveler takes you on, for he alone is the guide and knows the path, and is the recognized Lord of all. All other lords, rulers, and peoples on every plane pay homage to him. When you arrive at the gate of this region, the Sound of Omkar is heard continuously, resounding like a great drum. We go on up a hill and open a gate to enter a crooked tunnel, passing on to the other side. Then we cross high and low hills. The vision now seems to be reversed and it is as if we are traveling in reverse. We pass through a fortlike region which is the home of the ruler Omkar, and halt for Soul to become adorned with the attributes of devotion and faith. The seeds of the devotee's karma are burned and destroyed here.
   "The color here is that of the beautiful setting sun. Above this region is another part of the world of Omkar where we find deserts, mountains and gardens. Flowers are arranged in artistic designs, and are everywhere. We are intoxicated with joy, wandering through a splendid region of canals and streams, before coming to an ocean over which we cross by bridge to the other side where there are three mountain peaks called Mer, Sumer and Kailash.
   "This is the stopping place for the spiritualists and many mystics. The Yogis believe this is their heaven. The miracles of the mind are performed from this plane. For example, here one can stop railway trains, fill dry wells, and heal the sick.
   "This world is extremely vast, despite what the scientists think, when compared with the physical universe or the astral world. There are six planes within this plane, and its chief city is a place called Mer Kailash after its three mountain peaks.
   "This region is controlled by Brahma, whose chief duty is to control the great power called AUM. The function of AUM, a part of the great Sound Current, is to create, maintain and destroy the universes below it. It is the center of creation of the material and astral worlds. Many of the great scriptures have sprung from this region, including the Vedas. Lord Krishna as well as many other spiritual leaders make their homes here.
   "Now for the third plane. The physical scientists know this world as the stratosphere which extends for miles into the sky. It is a region of steady, gentle winds, beautiful clouds and steadily rising temperature. In this area is the ozone layer, and beyond that very little physical air.
   "The mystics call this region Daswan Dwar. It is filled with a brilliant light. The Soul here bathes itself in the lake of nectar called Mansarover, and joins the swans, the Souls known as Hansas. Soul gives up all its bodies, physical, astral, and causal, and is purified.
   "The lord of this region is known as Ramkar. He is the power-supplying station for the lower worlds. Soul light becomes equal to the light and radiance of twelve suns together, and the happiness and bliss experienced by it at this stage are beyond physical description.
   "While in this plane man is capable of performing grand miracles such as giving sight to the blind, sometimes raising the dead, and the ability to travel through the ether in his physical body.
   "The orange ray controls this world, as the stream of life-giving forces. This is the land of the Hansas who are known on the physical plane as Paramhansas. Very few go beyond this realm. Yet their understanding is wondrous, for they are much in the worlds beyond their world.
   "You are taken on by the Master to the top of this region where you hear the sound of the violins. Here you cross the Tribeni, a place where three streams meet, hence the Kumba Mehla, a religious fair, held every twelve years in India, which is a reflection of this place in the third heaven. Then the Soul enters the region of Maha Sunna, where it picks up the secret knowledge of all the worlds. This region is very vast in earth miles in circumference, and in the center there is pitch darkness. Four Sound Currents are heard from invisible sources. The jhankar predominates and is indescribable in human words.You are entranced by their sweetness and must be pulled on by the Master. Also there are five egg-shaped regions or worlds, full of a variety of creations and each permeated and governed by a Brahm. Each has its predominating color such as green or yellow, or even white. They are quite vast. In comparison with them the entire universe below appears insignificant.
   "He who has gained or attained this region will have increased power and understanding. In proportion this region is vast beyond description in extent, as related to those he has been taken through. But there is increasing difficulty as you go higher, in giving expression to anything relating to the upper regions. The very idea in those upper regions are beyond the grasp of man's thoughts until man has traveled them, and then he cannot put his words into earthly language.
   "Now for the fourth region which the scientists call the ionosphere. The physical air is so thin that there is a constant electrically excited condition which stimulates the atoms. In this condition they are called 'Ions'!
   "There are several layers in this region which serve as reflectors of radio or mental waves. One layer reflects long waves, others reflect short waves. Some short waves pass straight through. Mind and radio waves are like light waves; they travel in a straight line. The curvature of the earth would prevent us from transmitting and receiving radio messages, and even psychic impressions, if it were not for the ionosphere. That electrical mirror in the sky reflects waves back to the earth. The earth sends them up again, and so they finally reach their destination. Hence, if you send out a strong desire for something, it goes through the same process and returns to you materialized.
   "The mystics call this region the fourth plane, or the land of Sohang, as the mystic Lord of this world, through whom the power flows.
   "This divine being lives in a city of great light called Arhirit. He is filled with majestic beauty and grandeur. When Soul sees him Its consciousness is filled with overwhelming joy, and It says to Itself, 'I am That!' This is the meaning of the word Sohang. At this moment of sublime realization you know that you are one with the Supreme. In union with me, the Master! This is why the Vedantists call this plane the Bliss Plane!
   "To reach this plane we must cross the pass above the Hansi tunnel and enter the Rukmini tunnel where you see a strange and beautiful structure, where the faculties of the power to hear and the power to see give peace and satisfaction. To our right are bright islands, and to the left are many continents covered with palaces, appearing as if made of pearls, having their roofs covered with rubies and studded with emeralds and diamonds. Only the brave can venture this far. That is why I have told you previously that only the courageous, the adventurous, daring, and enterprising would have God!
   "In the distance are the Bhanwar Gupha mountains. The Sohang Sound is heard plainly. The Sound is like that of a keen flute. You see the sun above and find the region most beautiful, sweet and full of Light. Souls living here exist on the Sound Current as their food, and those groups of Hansas who have been so fortunate as to have penetrated this region move along on the roads with their own followers and devotees, trying to reach the regions above.
   "There are numerous planes and worlds with a variety of creations, inhabited by millions of devotees living here on the nectar of Nam. Kabir said there are eighty thousdand continents in this region, with beautiful homes for their inhabitants.
   The color of this region is blue, for it is spoken often of as the Home of Truth, and is the plane of true miracles, from which all things can happen; but woe to him who misuses this power.
   The scientists say there is nothing beyond their fourth region. They admit something may be there but have found nothing as yet for their physical instruments to record.
   "On the mystical side the approach to the fifth region is guarded by a zone of such deep, dense darkness that none but a pure Saint can cross it. Only he who has the Light and Power may tread here and take his disciples with him. Now we come to the gateway of Sach Khand. Here dwells Sat Nam, the Lord of All, above and below. His brilliance is so great that even one hair on his body would radiate a Light equal to that of many millions of suns combined.
   "This is the true home of Soul. It is the grand headquarters of all creation and the region of immortality. It is changeless, perfect and deathless. It is called the God-Plane by the Vedantists. It is untouched by dissolution or reconstruction. This is the world of the Saints and where they live.
   "The fifth region is a fort-like place where is situated the throne of the Lord of the Worlds. You should know him as the true King. Soul is now taken by the Master to a great park where the scenery is indescribable. There is also a huge reservoir here, like those on the earth plane, from which flows the most delicious nectar out through canals to supply distant regions. Golden palaces are set in open fields of silvery light. The landscape is beyond human description, and the beauty of the Saints living here is incomprehensible, the brilliancy of each equal to the combined Light of sixteen suns and moons.
   "We have reached the real entrance to the city. The watchers at the gate are Saints who pass us through into the Palace of the Lord and we are greeted by Sat Nam. He is the first definitely limited manifestation of the Supreme One. He is the power, the Light, the great Master Power-Current flowing down and out into all creation, to create and govern and sustain all regions, like a gigantic stream of water.
   "This is the Sound Current, or the audible life stream which permeates all systems of the cosmic world. This is the positive pole of the spiritual regions.
   "Above the fifth region are worlds beyond description, and the ones living there under the Supreme Being called The SUGMAD, a living force, not a being, nor anything but life itself. Your very imagination begs to be relieved of what lies beyond the fifth plane.
   "When you come to face Sat Nam you say 'I am He'! Love is the holy bond that holds all the worlds together. Only a Saint can reach this region and travel into the next worlds above. Then he is called a Param Sant.
   "All the Divine Power coming down from the upper regions comes to a perfect manifestation for the first time in Sat Nam, as the first actual or complete personification of the Supreme One. IT is the father of all to worship and love with complete devotion. IT is so fathomless and impersonal that we cannot approach IT even in thought. IT sits between the infinite Light and the created universes and so in time, when purged of every imperfection, we approach IT as our Father and receive ITS gracious welcome home.
   "While still in the lower regions of the Astral plane and that of Brahm, Soul is liable always to return to earth and to rebirth and death - the 'Wheel of the Eighty-four.' But when it reaches the pure region of Sat Lok, which is the first plane beyond Sach Khand, there is no more returning to earth, except as a Redeemer. Soul becomes a saint Itself; and the mission of his Master is through, as far as the journey goes. But Soul has yet to travel over the most sublime and beautiful part of Its journey. For above Sach Khand there are three other planes of inconceivable splendor. Here the Lord of the Fifth World, Sat Nam, takes over and guides Soul to the end of Its journey.
   "First, It becomes united with the very essence of Sat Nam in a mystic sense, and so becomes one with IT, partaking of all ITS attributes. It then advances to the three remaining regions.
   "Next is Alakh Lok, presided over by the Alakh Purusha, and after this is Agam Lok, presided over by Agam Purusha. Finally Soul reaches the end of Its journey, the region of the nameless ONE, or the SUGMAD, the supreme LORD of all that exists.
   "No words can describe IT. No thought can embrace IT. IT is formless, the All-embracing ONE. IT is the impersonal, infinite ocean of love. From IT flows all life and spirituality, all truth, all reality. IT is all wisdom and love and power. All visible Lords of all regions are ITS manifestation. IT takes forms, many forms, in order that ITS purpose may be carried out in all creations. They are all ITS forms; but none of them expresses ITS totality. IT may take millions of forms, but IT, ITSELF, remains formless, impersonal, All-pervading. IT is universal Spirit, universal Light.
   "When Soul reaches here, It is so absorbed in Its joy, lost in Its splendor, that It at once realizes the futility of even attempting to explain."


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