Legacy of Lineage - A Timecapsule  Timeline of *Eckankar "Trivia" & More


   Need it become a search for the needle in a haystack when researching the history of organized religion? Need it become dependence on second, third, fourth and fifth-hand accounts when recounting that history?
   Some years ago I elected to illustrate an Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline to "outline" actual verifiable events and eyewitness accounts that may, or may not, dispel the mysterious miasma surrounding contemporary (recorded) Eckankar history.
   Basically, this timeline was designed to capture historical trivia for the prospect purpose of collective edification regarding actual events. With regard to the words "historical trivia" (used here) the intention is not to equate the meaning of actual truth with same, but simply to illustrate the timely effort of collecting historical trivia and sorting out the truth. It was my hope that searching for chronological context (illustrating things this way) would expedite future research.
   On 3/18/06 I began to compile and illustrate Eckankar trivia with respect for other spiritual teachings and/or masters; such that may, or may not contribute further historical context and /or insight into the written history of Eckankar today. Ultimately (in my opinion, at least), each objective observer must contemplate historical truths for his or her own self. This is but a timeline framework at best. Basically compiled trivia.
   On 12/06/08 I began to format (for public domain) this updated timeline which I named: Legacy of Lineage - A Timecapsule  Timeline of *Eckankar "Trivia" & More.  Part of it was uploaded for a time, but subsequently removed from the Web. Later (03/27/10) I resumed my previous work and uploaded much of the trivia (acquired over the years) to the present day. I added links to other research sites containing detailed illustrations like source files, photos and document scans, etc.
   To view updated Eckankar history via the official Eckankar Web site, go to: www.eckankar.org

D.R.D. - 11/15/11

   Although I prefer to illustrate trivia in context to world events in general, for this timeline I limited the amount of recorded history / trivia to select contemporary events surrounding the legacy and teachings of what has come to be called: Eckankar.

D.R.D. - 11/15/11

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