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*Trivia: "A very significant event in Paul's spiritual evolution took place in the summer of 1970. During a trip to Spain, he was poisoned. A young man, under the influence of the Kal Niranjan, slipped an extremely potent poison into Paul's citrus drink. Paul had walked into this individual's home with complete openness and an abounding love, and when he was handed the juice, he drank it. But he knew it would harm him, in the same way that Buddha did when he ate the tainted rice. [....]" [Based on: Harold Klemp]

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Masters/Peddar/writings.html#lastyear]

*Trivia: "Reportedly - according to the book entitled: Paulji A Memoir [2nd printing, 1986, by Patti Simpson] - Paul Twitchell's schedule for 1970 included: Consultations in Madrid, Spain, August 11th-15th [p.99]. In her book, Patti mentions going to see a doctor [p.103]: 'I visited him the last week in August.' who told her: 'When Paul was in Spain, someone poisoned him. He is in very bad condition.' [p.104] " [E.M.]

*Trivia: "[....] Except for a few members of the Inner Circle, Paulji's poisoning was not known to the world or to his followers. From August [1970] until the World Wide Seminar [October, 1970], no word was spoken of his condition. [....]" [Based on: Paulji, A Memoir, by Patti Simpson, 2nd printing: 1986, p. 108; Original Copyright: 1985]

*Trivia: "[....] The question has been raised, if Paulji [Paul Twitchell] had such special powers, why did he not detect that the juice drink in Spain was poisoned? There is no need to go into this in depth here, as that will be covered in his biography that I [Patti Simpson] am assembling next, and will detail all he had to say about the experience. Basically, though, I will say that he had a foreknowledge of the poisoning, but that he would not avoid it for special reasons. [....]" [Based on: Paulji A Memoir, by Patti Simpson, 2nd Printing: 1986, p. 127]

*Trivia: "Reportedly, after taking the poison, Paul Twitchell was knocked out  for about four days." [Based on: Paul Twitchell, ECK World Wide Seminar, Las Vegas NV, October, 1970] 

*Trivia: "[....] How could Paul have been poisoned to death in Spain or Czechoslovakia, and no one be quite sure? I’ve never heard that one before.Yes, it is true that not a lot has been said about Paul's trip to Spain where he was poisoned, still the fact remains that he returned alive and lived for more than a year after this until his passing in Cincinnati on September 17, 1971. So, obviously, Paul wasn't poisoned to death. I assume this was a slip of David's pen. [....]" [Based on: Doug Marman, Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Chap. 4]  

*Trivia: "From THE SECRET TEACHINGS, by Harold Klemp, page 246: "Paul Twitchell brought together the scattered fragments of truth and put them in one place. He had to work fast, because after he was poisoned in Spain, it was an inescapable fact that he would soon drop the body. He certainly had nothing to gain from continuing to gather this truth, yet he was driven by Spirit to put these writings in one place. As a result, you and I don't have to spend our money on a personal expedition to India, to the Vatican library, or to Tibet. We need not pass our whole life trying to find what has been written about truth in this world in order to further our spiritual unfoldment. " [Based on Jasmyn A.R.E. post 03/17/10]

*Trivia: [....] To understand fully the magnitude of what Patti was working on, when she turned to an anonymous life, we need to hear a personal story that no one knew. She never told anyone, outside of David, what had happened, until about a year ago, when she pulled me aside, in her home.

She said, as best as I can remember:

"Paul asked me if I would be the next Living ECK Master, but I had to turn him down.

"He told me that I had the ability. I could do what he was doing. But he didn't ask his question directly. I was too much in shock at what I was hearing. It wasn't until I got home that I realized he was asking me if I would be his successor.

"I still had four kids growing up, at home. I had Pete [her husband at the time], who had already sacrificed too much for my work. I couldn't abandon my responsibilities as wife and mother.

"I had to say no, but I hated doing it.

"I knew I had to give Paul my answer in person. The next day I saw him, and I saw what a letdown it was."

This happened after Paul had been poisoned. He knew he needed to find a successor. Even Gail, his wife, told him to pick someone, before it was too late.

I asked David if he would share his memories about this untold story. He wrote me the following, and gave permission to include it in this article:

[....] She was beside herself. But, as we all know, Patti was no shrinking violet. She mustered every ounce of her courage, went to Paul, and told him that she could not accept the role of the Living Eck Master; it was simply impossible for her at that time in her life.

If there had been any doubt at all in her mind up to that point as to whether Paul had actually made the offer, his reaction put it to rest. She told me that he said nothing, simply nodded his head in understanding and resignation and then she watched as he VISIBLY, PALPABLY, GRAVELY took the entire burden of the path back onto his own shoulders.

Her decision broke her heart. Paul was the individual on earth whom she respected and loved the most and she felt that, in that moment, she had profoundly let him down.

Until a few years ago, when you approached her with questions in regard to your writing of "The Whole Truth," the only person she had related this incident to was me. She repeated the story several times during our marriage and never once did she alter a single detail. And always, there was the sense of misgiving, the fear that, especially in light of what happened during the Darwin years, she had made a decision that was horribly, horribly wrong.

The first relief she got was during our Vermont days. Patti was now in her 60s and she attended a workshop by an author and spiritual teacher named Richard Moss. He's not associated with the Eck movement and Patti was there as much out of curiosity as anything else. But as we all know, sometimes the Mahanta speaks through unexpected sources and something Richard said struck home so deeply that Patti knew it had come directly from Paul. I wasn't there so I will have to paraphrase the words, but the message was this: The first and most supremely important spiritual prerequisite to mastership is to be absolutely and uncompromisingly true to yourself. [....]

As this story would come up from time to time during our Sunday pillow talks, my own curiosity would lead me to ask any number of questions, the most puzzling of which was, "What about the Eck doctrine that claims only a male can be the L. E. M? Patti would raise her palms and shrug her shoulders, the message being crystal clear: "I know what it says and I also know that Paul asked me-a woman-to accept the job. So you go figure it out, then tell me and we'll both know." It was one of those wonderful, rich paradoxes of being married to Patti that made life so frustratingly and profoundly beautiful.


When I asked Patti if she would contribute to my book on Paul Twitchell, The Whole Truth, she jumped in with both feet. She dug out her old notes and recorded an audio tape for me on her thoughts.

She told me that this allowed her to finish a promise she had made to Paul, to write his biography. She felt her book, Paulji: A Memoir, was a personal account, and something more was needed.

I was thanking her for her help, while she was thanking me.

After we were done with the book, she got serious and said something almost identical to what she wrote in her book, Hello Friend:

"More than once, as Paul was talking to me, teaching me, sharing his life history and his visions, I would ask myself, 'Why is he giving me all this? Why is he spending so much of his physical time and attention on me?' Sure, he needed me to help free up his time to get his books written. But that was too obvious. And there was too much more going on for it to be only that."

When she spoke with me, she still had this feeling that there was some other purpose that Paul gave this to her, and she felt the need to pass it on.

That's when I realized what she was asking me: Would I take this from her? It was a subtle question, more on the inner than the outer, but I could see her need to fulfill this final task for Paul, to pass this on.

Outwardly, she asked if she could give me all of her files from her notes with Paul. I said that I would be honored, seeing the full meaning of the gift she was giving, and that I could help in some small way for her to let it go. It was the last bit of Paul's mission that she carried with her.

She may have turned down Paul's question about her being the next Living ECK Master, but I don't think she ever turned down mastership. That was what she was working on during her years out of the spotlight, away from all the things that came so easily to her, thanks to Paul. To see what it meant to be ruthlessly true to herself, and to live from her own inner authority.

That is a sign of mastership, as I see it. And so is this gift wave she left behind, the trail of grace.

One week after word got out about Patti's passing, David had already received an avalanche of emails. He showed Karen and me the stack. It was over two inches tall. Over a hundred messages from around the world, in three different languages, from Israel, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Columbia, Switzerland, South Africa and the US.

Thank you Patti for your presence, right now, and the way you encourage everyone to be themselves. You've made the meaning of it grand, indeed.

But, of course, it is only fair to let Patti have the Parting Shot. So, I'll end with the last words she used in her book, Paulji: A Memoir. It seems even more appropriate now:

"The hour grows late. The story has been told and ... well, Paulji, I think we ought to take off ..."

[Based: on SDP Forum article: (PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Rivinus) by Doug Marman, 07/12/11]

*Link: http://www.spiritualdialogues.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=123&t=420

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